Daredevil Teaches the Kingpin a Very Valuable Lesson

The flaw is, in one of the storyline's other classic lines, is that when they dredged the cab from the river...there was no corpse. There was no corpse.

Matt Murdock was nearly killed, but nearly isn't good enough.

Matt is rescued by a nun who nurses him back to healthy (the nun happens to also be his literal mother). The Kingpin's crime empire continues, with him having a witness who was set to testify against him murdered in front of reporter Ben Urich, who is trying to get to the bottom of the Matt Murdock frame job.

However, the Kingpin is not in a position to gloat. No sir. You see, Matt foiling his plan is driving him nuts. He keeps expecting to see Daredevil at every turn. He realizes that it is one thing to ruin a man's life, but you have to FINISH THE JOB. When you don't, well, then you learn that a man without hope...is a man without fear.

What a brilliant use of Daredevil's actual tagline in a dramatic moment. I don't know if that's ever been achieved since. He took the actual tagline and actually worked it into a dramatic moment that FIT! It's brilliant.

Anyhow, Matt meets up with Karen Page, who has fled to New York City to look for Matt's help (even though she betrayed him, she has nowhere else to turn). He helps her get clean. He then returns as Daredevil and helps implicate Wilson Fisk in a government corruption case, with Ben Urich defiantly reporting the story on Fisk, even after his injury.

The rest of the story is awesome, but I don't think you can beat that one line for the best line in the series.

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