Soule Brings the Reign of Mayor Fisk to a Climax in Daredevil #600

Over the years, Daredevil has battled a number of dangerous foes, but the blind Marvel Comics hero's most implacable adversary has been Wilson Fisk, New York City's former Kingpin of Crime. Recently, however, Fisk traded his underworld throne for something even more powerful: legitimate authority. He campaigned for New York City’s highest elected office, won, and in the current “Mayor Fisk” arc, writer Charles Soule and his artistic collaborators have chronicled “Hizzoner’s” reign.

So far, it's been a turbulent one. Matt Murdock has been using his superhuman senses, combat skills and legal acumen to try and take the new mayor down, while Fisk has responded by using his authority to have Daredevil declared an outlaw. Things are about to get even more chaotic, because in Daredevil #597 it was revealed that the Inhuman serial killer known as Muse has escaped from prison and he's about to embark on a bloody rampage that will force both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk to turn their attention to him. Then, in March's Daredevil #600, everything will come to a head as Soule and artist Ron Garney bring the “Mayor Fisk” arc to a close with the milestone issue.


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CBR spoke with Soule about the remaining chapters of the “Mayor Fisk” arc; his take on Fisk's right hand man, James Wesley; what Muse's return means for both the book and Daredevil's protege, Blindspot (Samuel Chung), and the role New York city's other costumed crimefighters will play as the three way war between Daredevil-Wilson Fisk-and Muse races towards an explosive climax.

CBR: In Daredevil #597 you introduced a new wrinkle in Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk's long running rivalry that found Matt working as Fisk's Deputy Mayor. I couldn't help but think of the old line from The Godfather Part II: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Was that your intention? What inspired this development?


Charles Soule: One of the fun things about the Daredevil/Kingpin dynamic is that they both think they're smarter than the other guy. So, they'll make choices based on that idea which don't always work out the way they expect. This twist was designed to just put them in close proximity to each other, get Murdock into City Hall, and amp up the cat-and-mouse feel to them. It certainly gave me a ton of great story beats to play out.

While the public believes Matt to be one of Fisk's most trusted advisors his actual right hand man is James Wesley, a character created by Frank Miller during his run on Daredevil and who played a large role in season one of the Daredevil Netflix show. Matthew Rosenberg reintroduced Wesley back in his recent Kingpin series and you've made use of him in several Daredevil issues now. What's your sense of Wesley? What do you find most interesting about him?


I think he's a guy who knows exactly who he's working for - he has no illusions about Fisk being "good" - he just likes being around someone who's so effective. I also think there's an element of feeling almost proud that Fisk trusts him to execute his most complex assignments. A lot of that is just in my head - I haven't put it on the page yet - but it's always good to know what your characters are thinking and why they act the way they do.

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