Wasn't Kingpin Blind For a While? What Happened There?

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Today, based on suggestions by Cory T. and Julian L., we look at how Kingpin's sight was restored after briefly losing it.

After Kevin Smith relaunched Daredevil as part of the launch of Marvel Knights in 1998, he left the book and they didn't have a regular writer to take over the title from him. At first, David Mack did an arc, with the art team of Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti remaining on board (with Mack providing certain artwork himself). The story arc was called, "Parts of a Hole," and it introduced a new character named Maya Lopez, a deaf ballet dancer who has the ability to mimic anyone's abilities (like the Taskmaster). She began to have a romantic relationship with Matt Murdock.


However, she also had a relationship with Wilson Fisk, who was a friend of her father's. In Daredevil #10 (by Mack, Quesada and Palmiotti), the Kingpin convinces her that Daredevil was the man who murdered her father (in reality, it was Fisk himself who did it, which is why he has the gun that was used in the murder in his files. He tricks Daredevil into picking it up, which only helps sell the lie to Maya)...

So, she fights Daredevil a lot over the next few issues (over which time, Quesada eventually leaves the book and David Ross and Mark Morales finish out the arc, doing their best Quesada-esque style) but he eventually convinces her that he did not kill her dad. And if HE didn't kill her dad, then that logically means that Kingpin was responsible for her dad's death, and so she shoots Kingpin a number of times with the gun used to kill her dad...


In the end, we see that the Kingpin has survived, but he is now blind...

Eventually, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev take over the series as the regular creative team (after a Bendis fill-in arc. I believe he had already gotten the ongoing gig before the fill-in arc came out, as the fill-in arc was arranged well in advance of it actually seeing print). In the first issue of their run, one of Kingpin's soldiers, Silke, arranges a mutiny on the blind Kingpin, seemingly killing him...

The Kingpin somehow survives the assault and his estranged wife takes him out of the country and sets out to take apart Fisk's empire, as it is now controlled by those who betrayed her husband. She even kills her own son (with Fisk) as he teamed up with Silke for this mutiny.


That was it for quite a while, until, of course, the Kingpin had to return...

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