Daredevil Rises From the Dead in Zdarsky and Checchetto's New Series

Checchetto: I’m a guy who smiles and laughs a lot, but I love drawing sad people. Matt is one of the most complicated and multifaceted Marvel characters. Luckily, Chip's script gives me the opportunity to explore Matt's romantic, angry, sad side.

For Daredevil, I'm playing a lot with shadows and silhouettes to accentuate his darkness. For Matt, I was inspired by the young Robert Redford of The Three Days of the Condor. I opted for his old black glasses and I changed his way of dressing. So, he's less like a lawyer at any moment of his life. [Laughs] I made some variations to the costume of Daredevil to make it visually a bit more realistic, but without distorting it, and I'm trying to curate every little detail.

Matt's archenemy, Wilson Fisk, has been an integral part of Daredevil for decades, but he's an even larger presence now that he's the Mayor of New York City. What can you tell us about your plans for the former Kingpin of Crime?

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Macro Checchetto and Sunny Cho

Zdarsky: Fisk as mayor is too great a piece to not play with, but I have him on his own journey right now. He’s asking himself what he wants, what his future is going to be. And that has less and less to do with Daredevil, but it has everything to do with the Daredevil book.

Checchetto: As soon as I read the first scene of Mayor Fisk, I immediately asked myself: “How do I approach him graphically?” I immediately answered with a "let's take a step back!" In recent years he has always been portrayed in a realistic way, sometimes even too much like Vincent D'Onofrio (whom I loved on the TV series), but for me the real Kingpin is a huge beast with a small head, like the one drawn by John Romita Jr. John is definitely my favorite artist, ever. As a kid, I loved his Spider-Man and his Daredevil work. Each of his books was a joy to me. Hey, John, if you are reading… I love you! [Laughs]

Marco, what else can you tell us about your artistic approach to this book?

Checchetto: I'm really working on this series with my heart, thanks to Chip’s story and the help of my editors, Devin and Lauren. I'm referring to the atmospheres of the Miller/Mazzucchelli/Nocenti/Romita/Quesada years.

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Macro Checchetto and Sunny Cho

Zdarsky: Marco has just leveled up on this book. His pages are just gorgeous, and he clearly has a passion for the characters. And for the coloring, we wanted to make sure we had someone who brought a palette that could marry the muted street level with the vibrancy of Daredevil, and Sunny Gho was the perfect fit. My jaw drops when final pages come in.

Finally, Daredevil is a character known for some impressive and lengthy creative team runs. So how extensive are your plans for Matt Murdock? What does the new year hold for Daredevil?

Zdarsky: There will be a question with a shifting answer through the first year: Who is the bad guy?

If I can manage it, I’ll stay on this book forever.

And I want each issue to be a surprise. I want people to experience this like each issue is a chapter in a novel. You just have to go in blind, so to speak. This is the only online interview I’m doing for the first arc, as I want the book to speak for itself.

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Macro Checchetto and Sunny Cho
EXCLUSIVE: Art by Macro Checchetto and Sunny Cho
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