Daredevil: 5 Heroes He Always Gets Along With (And 5 That He Can’t Stand)

One of Stan Lee's original hero creations, Daredevil has been a part of the Marvel universe for decades. Although usually sequestered to the Manhatten neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil has nonetheless come across many of Marvel's greatest heroes.

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Among these encounters, DD has made many friends but also many enemies. Here are the top five heroes that Daredevil always gets along with and the top five that he just can't stand.

10 Can't Stand: Hawkeye

Ronin Hawkeye Clint Barton

Daredevil has found himself opposed to this Avengers' archer on a few occasions. Most notably, they fought in Daredevil #99 (vol. 1). In this issue, the two street-level heroes are fighting over Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow. Daredevil wishes to share his true feelings with Natasha at the same time that her ex Hawkeye chooses to rekindle their romance. The fight ends in a draw.

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On another occasion, after Hawkeye killed Bruce Banner, Matt Murdock found himself as the prosecutor of the case. On this occasion, however, Daredevil finds himself on Hawkeye's side, slowly uncovering a conspiracy to force a guilty verdict.

9 Gets Along: Black Panther

On several different occasions, Daredevil and Black Panther have shown admiration for one another. Although they came into conflict during their first meeting, by the end of the adventure they had grown to respect one another.

After Shadowland, a big crossover event featuring Daredevil, the Man Without Fear decided to take a break from crimefighting. Wishing to make sure the people of Hells Kitchen remain safe, Matt asks T'Challa to fill in for him. Choosing the Wakandan king as his replacement shows how much DD thinks of Black Panther. The fact that T'Challa agreed to Matt's proposition shows much of the same.

8 Can't Stand: Deadpool

Daredevil isn't the only hero to have gripes with Deadpool. The merc with a mouth is notorious for his moral ambiguity. Although they have worked together on a couple of occasions, Matt's moral code puts him at odds with Deadpool.

On one occasion Daredevil found Deadpool running around Manhatten like a madman. The horn head quickly dispatched Deadpool. In order to escape, the assassin shot an innocent bystander int he leg, forcing DD to take him to the hospital and let Deadpool getaway. That is something he won't forget or forgive any time soon.

7 Gets Along: Luke Cage

Both based in New York, Daredevil and Luke Cage have crossed paths many times. This has led to a bit of a bond between the two heroes. In the recent Defenders comic, inspired by the Netflix show, the two heroes even formed a team together along with Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

At a point when Matt tried to usurp Kingpin and take his place, he chose Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as his personal bodyguards. This shows the trust DD has in Luke. Out of all the heroes in Marvel comics, it was Luke Cage that Matt trusted the most to watch his back.

6 Can't Stand: Iron Man

Superior Iron Man

The fancy suits and wealthy arsenal of Iron Man could not be more opposite to the gritty street-level Daredevil. This massive gap between the two heroes' styles leaves little room for any sort of commonality between the two.

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During the Superior Iron Man arc, after Iron Man had been turned evil by mystical energy, he tried to get the city of Francisco hooked on his app. Daredevil, abhorred by Stark's actions, decides to take on the long-time Avenger. Although eventually Iron Man is reverted to his good-willed form, the conflict between these two very different heroes continues to define their relationship.

5 Gets Along: Iron Fist

iron fist daredevil

On a number of occasions, Iron Fist and Daredevil have teamed up to fight for justice. Both men are street-level characters with a mastery of hand to hand combat. Unlike Iron Man, Iron Fist has much in common with DD, which leads to them having a friendly relationship.

On one occasion, when Matt Murdock had been outed as the vigilante Daredevil, the blind lawyer asked Iron Fist to take up the horn-headed mantle. By accepting DD's offer, Iron Fist was doing him a big solid. Eventually, this helped to convince the public that Matt wasn't actually living a double life as the protector of Hells Kitchen.

4 Can't Stand: Elektra


Although Elektra and Daredevil have been lovers and allies in the past, their relationship is riddled with conflict. His no kill policy simply leaves him opposed to the master assassin on a moral level. Such a big difference leaves little room for reconciliation between the two.

There have been many occasions where Elektra has totally betrayed DD, including when she helped Kingpin uncover the masked vigilante's identity. Elektra continues to make morally questionable decisions, which leaves little no room for any sort of relationship with Matt Murdock and his Catholic values.

3 Gets Along: Black Widow

Another former lover of the Man Without Fear, Natasha Romanov has joined DD on many adventures. For a time they even patrolled New York as a crime-fighting duo. Together on the streets of Hells Kitchen, they were a force to be reckoned with.

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Although their romance didn't last, Black Widow continues to come back to Daredevil whenever he needs support, whether that means emotionally or in battle.

2 Can't Stand: The Punisher

Punisher Daredevil

Punisher and Daredevil have an extremely long and complicated relationship. Over the course of their lives, the two vigilantes have fought each other many times, each one having their fair share of victories.

Punisher is a ruthless murderer. If he feels you've done too much wrong and are incapable of redemption, Frank Castle is putting a bullet between your eyes. Daredevil is quite the opposite. Believing all life is sacred, Daredevil stands by a no-kill policy that he has only broken in the direst of circumstances. Their differing world views continue to put them on a path to war with each other.

1 Gets Along: Spider-Man

When Stan Lee first created Daredevil, he was viewed as a rip-off/ worse version of Spider-Man. Since then the Man Without Fear has proved himself a deep character capable of having some of the best stories in Marvel comics. Nonetheless, the similarities between the two have brought them together, and since meeting they have become the best of friends.

In the time that the two heroes have known each other, DD and Spidey have even shared their identities with one another. That along with their many adventures together show how much trust the two heroes have in one another.

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