Marvel's Newest Superhero is a Demon Exorcising Priest

With New York under siege from the Beast and his legion of ninjas, Matt Murdock has been placed as the acting mayor following The Hand's attack on Mayor Wilson Fisk. Their second attack focused on unleashing a green fog over the city, leaving Matt unconscious after breathing it in.

But never fear, because if there is one thing Daredevil has plenty of, that's friends and allies willing to lend a helping hand. Daredevil #604 features one character in particular who may just become the newest member of Marvel's superhero community.

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Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

There are plenty of sorcerers across the Marvel Universe, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for another master of the mystic arts. When Matt becomes possessed by the Beast's demonic fog, his priest, Father Jordan, comes to offer his aide by exorcising the demonic plague from his body.

Of course, this heroic deed doesn't necessarily mean Father Jordan will throw on a colorful costume and start calling himself Father Jordan, the Ghost Hunter while cleaning up the mean streets of New York. However, when Matt starts to believe there's no way for him to combat these supernatural forces, Father Jordan does tease a larger plan at play to rid the city of the evil fog.

High in the sky, an airplane is shown with armor-clad warriors kneeling in front of a priest, before leaping down to the city. All signs point to Father Jordan organizing this mysterious group on behalf of Daredevil, so perhaps there is more to the good priest than meets the eye.

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We should learn more when Daredevil #604, from Charles Soule, Mike Henderson, Matt Milla and Clayton Cowles goes on sale June 20 from Marvel Comics.

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