Daredevil: End of Days #6

"Daredevil: End of Days" #6 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack and a slew of classic Daredevil artists take Ben Urich further along his morbid ride to discover the truth somewhere behind the death of Matt Murdock. Urich is saved from one terrible fate and delivered into scenes where the fate of others becomes the new wave of slime he must swim against. As per usual with this title, another issue goes by and readers get a few sweet cameos from the Daredevil cast of ages and get a little closer to the center of the mystery.

Ben Urich carries this story well. He is very much the lead of the tale while the narrative heart is still the legacy Matt Murdock has left behind with his death. Urich's discussion with his son lays out some great superhero tenets while delivering character understanding. There are touches of real life inserted into the hopeful nature of Urich. He is old school while his son seems more pragmatic and almost excited. The fact this stems from Urich being launched out a window and nearly dying is the sort of thing that makes you love superhero comics. They have the most extreme deconstructions and breakdowns of any medium.

The rest of the issue sees Urich visiting two old foes of Daredevil's. While these meetings aren't exactly narrative gold (not a great deal truly happens in them), they are excellent scenes. The first visit is to the Owl where Bendis and Mack do a fantastic job of painting a portrait of who this man has become. Urich doesn't get any information that he can work with, but the audience gets a wonderful display of villainy from someone Bendis previously used very well. The next meeting with Killgrave, the Purple Man, is much shorter and yet holds a lot more importance to the story, and throws another kink into this already warped tale.

The art from every person in this book is simply sublime. Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz work extremely well in tandem to create this future landscape of New York. Their Urich is a broken man in a harsh world. It is interesting that they then use so much bright light to score the appearance of Daredevil, as if to punctuate the fact he's the only brightness that can be brought into this world. The splash aping the cover of "Amazing Fantasy" #15 is also a bold choice. Perhaps it hints that this Daredevil is one of brighter hope, more in line with Spider-Man than the previously surly and morose Murdock. The book is broken up by design pages from Mack and Alex Maleev. Mack's are always dense and full of meaning whereas Maleev's always feel like the most emotional pin up he could muster. Both are fantastic.

Daredevil: End of Days" #6 is an issue with less in it than some other issues in this story. Moments are small but fleshed out through dialogue to enhance the characters in the scene. With the story now three quarters complete, the world is set up with plenty of mystery and ticking time bombs waiting for the final two issues to be resolved. There are cool moments in this issue and pretty ones as well but ultimately we are only a tiny step or two closer to learning more in a story that has hooked many Daredevil fans firmly to their seats.

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