Interview: Soule Challenges Daredevil as a Superhero and NYC Mayor

Marvel's long-running vigilante Daredevil loves New York City, and has dedicated his life to protecting its people -- both as a superhero and in his civilian identity of attorney Matt Murdock. Recently, both of those lives have been full of political intrigue thanks to his old enemy Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin of Crime, being elected Mayor of New York City. In order to combat Fisk's political machinations Murdock accepted the position as Fisk's Deputy Mayor. The former Kingpin sought to check Murdock's influence on the city, but in doing so inadvertently thrust his old foe into a position to save the Big Apple from a vicious supernatural assault.

That's because at the end of Daredevil#600, Fisk was laid low in a assassination attempt by the demon worshipping ninja cult known as the Hand. They then began to lay siege to the city's citizens and institutions. In the current arc of the series, which comes to a close in July's #605, writer Charles Soule and artist Mike Henderson are chronicling their protagonist's efforts both in city hall as New York's acting mayor and on the streets as the Man Without Fear to break the Hand's grip on the city.

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CBR spoke with Soule about the current arc -- which pays off a lot of long term threads from his series -- working with Henderson, his other Daredevil related project Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost, and the next arc of Daredevil where Matt Murdock comes face to face with his “twin brother,” Mike.

Daredevil #604 cover by Chris Sprouse

CBR: Charles, one of the things I've loved about this current arc of Daredevil with the Hand is it very much feels like both a horror story and a siege story, which are two types of tales I greatly enjoy. Was that your intention for this story?

Charles Soule: You pretty much nailed it -- I love the “city under siege” sub-genre, where people trapped in some untenable situation have to find a way to survive and escape. It’s a little tricky to pull something like that off in Marvel’s New York City, but I like how it came together here.

Horror -- for sure. All of my stories involving The Hand (and more particularly their demonic overlord, The Beast) have those overtones, from the “Land of the Blind” arc that ran in DD #26-28 to this one. I like writing The Beast as a straight-up devil analogue, but almost as an unknowable evil more than anything concrete. It’s scarier that way, I think.

Helping you convey the horrific and sort of sinister tone of this arc is Mike Henderson, who was the artist of one my favorite horror titles, Nailbiter from Image Comics. What's it like working with Mike on this story? What do you enjoy most about Mike's style?

I love the kineticism of it. I was very excited about Mike jumping on board for this arc. His work on Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan made it clear that he could handle interesting action sequences that told a great story without any dialogue at all, and I knew this would be a really action-heavy story. He hasn’t disappointed. There are some pretty wild twists and storytelling requirements coming up in the rest of the arc, and he’s nailed it all.

Daredevil #605 interior art by Mike Henderson and Matt Milla

One of the big twists in the initial chapter of this current arc was that Matt Murdock suddenly found himself in the role of Mayor of New York after the Hand attempted to assassinate Wilson Fisk. What's it like writing Matt as both Daredevil and the Mayor? Has he had time to pause and consider the power he wields over the city he loves?

Nope. I think Daredevil rarely gets time to reflect. He’s always reacting, moving quickly from one crisis to the next, which is part of what makes him great to write. In some ways, he doesn’t have time to learn from his mistakes. Hell, the fact that he gets to make mistakes makes him somewhat unique in superhero comics. I love Matt in City Hall, but it needed to be a unique take and twist on it. I didn’t want to have him arguing with the Public Advocate about budgets and so on. I needed him to be defending his city from certain doom on every level, and that’s this story.

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