Daredevil's Craziest Billy Club Gadgets

The king of bizarre gadgets for Daredevil's billy club happened outside of his own title, as part of his crossover with the Fantastic Four. In Fantastic Four #40, Daredevil reveals that his cane/billy club can become a freaking RIFLE!!!

Later, it also has a fold-out SHIELD!

What else could this thing possibly have? Oh, I dunno, how about some freakin' SNACKS! Yep, in Daredevil Annual #1, we see Daredevil crack the billy club open to snack on some nutritious vitamin pills...

Once he moved to San Francisco, he debuted a police band radio in his billy club in Daredevil #88...

And in Daredevil #119, he showed that he even kept subway tokens in the billy club...


Finally, while this has technically always been present, just noting that over the years, Daredevil has also sometimes used the club as a sort of like nunchaku-like weapon...

Feel free to write in to brianc@cbr.com if I missed a gadget! I'll add them in! I got the idea for most of these from the always informative Christine Hanefalk of The Other Murdock Papers. Thanks, Christine!

If there's a particular part of comic book history that any of you folks would like to see spotlighted here, just e-mail me at brianc@cbr.com and maybe I'll do a piece about it!

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