How Daredevil Became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Real!

This feature is called "I Tell You What If," and it is about all the times that an alternate reality storyline ended up becoming part of official continuity. Very often, if an idea being good enough to be used in an alternate timeline it will often end up being considered good enough to use in the REAL timeline.

Today, we look at how Daredevil became an agent of SHIELD for a brief period of time!

The initial story at hand came about when Mike W. Barr was still very early in his career in comics and kept coming up with ideas for What If...? stories. He eventually came up with a Daredevil one that superstar Daredevil creator, Frank Miller, was introduced in doing. So Barr and Miller worked on the story together and then Miller drew it with Klaus Janson.

The idea follows the basic origin of Daredevil, only now when Matt Murdock pushes an old man out of the way of a car and the ensuing accident involved Matt getting splashed in the face with chemicals, Tony Stark came across him and brought him to SHIELD. At the same time, however, Hydra saw the accident, as well (they were probably tailing Stark) and so they were interested in young Matt Murdock, also.

So Hydra goes to kidnap Matt Murdock's boxer father...

Meanwhile, SHIELD is training Matt Murdock in how to use all of these new abilities he gained in the accident that also blinded him...

When they won't let him go find out what happened to his father, he seemingly goes rogue, but in reality, he is just testing out the double agent to see if she will lead him to his father.

She does not, so Matt has to make a deal with Nick Fury. Matt will work for SHIELD if Fury will help save Matt's father...

In the end, Matt and SHIELD are able to rescue Matt's dad from Hydra and Matt gets ready for his new life as an Agent of SHIELD, using the codename "Daredevil."

This was a tight story (it was one-half of an issue of What If...?, although the book was extra-sized back in the day) and it was one of the rare What If...? stories with an actual happy ending. Getting THE Daredevil artist to draw a What If...? story was a huge achievement for Marvel (Miller, of course, would also do another What If...? story that will probably also be featured in this column eventually). It was one of the more memorable stories from the first volume of What If...?

Nearly twenty years later, though, the concept of the story actually worked its way into the pages of Daredevil...with a significant twist!

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