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Okay, I did not like the reveal of who the fake Daredevil was. I mean, it's no big deal, just that I did not like it. I like Iron Fist well enough, and he certainly is QUALIFIED, but while I understand why writer Ed Brubaker couldn't reveal who the fake Daredevil was (because it would eliminate the possibility that the fake Daredevil was not there to HELP Matt Murdock, but to HURT him), I still would have preferred something a bit more surprising.

In addition, the letter pages? "Did you really think I would kill Foggy?" Seriously? Seriously? Seriously? We are in the age of characters dying in every other issue. Brubaker himself just killed off Banshee in Deadly Genesis for not even a tenth of the same story importance as Foggy's death was in Daredevil (as in, Matt needed a reason to NEED to get out of prison), and that question was aksed? It just seemed absurd. While, of course everyone posited that Foggy might NOT have died (I know Burgas was pushing for it at the time, and I made sure to say that it was very possible that Brubaker DIDN'T kill off Foggy, especially with the bit in part two), it was nowhere NEAR unlikely enough to get a response like that in the letter column.

I open this bit up with all my whinery because it puts it into greater perspective just how awesome this run on Daredevil is, because even though I didn't like the reveal and was annoyed by the "Did you really think I would kill Foggy?" bit, I still absolutely loved this issue.

My favorite part, by far, was the very clever way that Matt managed to escape without blowing his identity. That was so well done on Brubaker's part. I also liked how quickly he was in costume after landing in Manhattan. That was pretty darn impressive storytelling there. Really amping up the drama.

Everyone love's honorable wardens, right? Like Stacy Keach on Prison Break, the Warden in Daredevil showed how cool he could be, by totally throwing the bad guy feds under the bus to help Matt's case. That was brilliant.

Meanwhile, the art trio supreme - Michael Lark - Stefano Gaudiano - Frank D'Armata - continue to reign supreme. How cool was seeing the iron fist? It was awesome. Meanwhile, the way that Iron Fist was tricked into helping the bad guys was also quite clever, and the positioning for the next arc, while giving this arc a real "closure" was handled masterfully.

This series never ceases to amazed.

Recommended without reservation!

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