Daredevil #6

Story by
Art by
Marcos Martin
Colors by
Muntsa Vicente
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

This single issue of "Daredevil" manages to drop a pretty massive fight, some smart plays in action, a conclusion to the current storyline, and a crafty idea that will yield some very interesting situations moving forward. These different lines of narrative are all woven together beautifully and equally done so by the writing and the art. If you are a looking for a superhero comic that is unafraid to just be a superhero comic and yet still deliver wins in all the columns, then "Daredevil" is your go to book right now.

The new villain, Bruiser, took Daredevil down last month. Now, our horned hero must use his brains to fight back against this titan of a man with a very neat trick up his sleeve. Mark Waid writes the confrontation to include enough room for Daredevil's inner monologue to keep us up to date while also passing enough room to Marcos Martin to make it look amazing. One turn of the page leads you into thinking something bad is going to happen, but instead we get Daredevil spread across two pages fighting back. It's a great moment and one that uses the page turn only comics can offer, but that many do not take advantage of.


There has been much made that this Matt Murdock is a happier guy with a kick in his step. One friend described this as the "old chum" of Daredevil writing. The title certainly isn't a noir tale, but that doesn't mean there aren't high stakes at risk. Daredevil sets himself up against five major crime organizations and the blowout effect of his actions should fuel the background of Waid's run for some time to come.

Marcos Martin's art is effortless. Many of his figures seem simple, cartoony, and easy. Yet closer inspection shows nuance of character and inflection of emotion. The look on Bruiser's face as he maliciously takes Daredevil's blows is a panel that stops you because it's unlike so much else. This is because Bruiser really is unlike much else in the scene. He's an anomaly of sorts and Martin knows how to play this up.


There is a reason everyone is fawning over the "Daredevil" relaunch, and that is because it is so damn good. There's a clean nature to the events, and yet just enough subverts itself so as to inject danger into the story. Waid appears to be writing flippant storylines, yet he just might be building something a bit more expansive and fantastic. This isn't the downfall of Matt Murdock. We've seen that before. This is the next big adventure of Murdock, and it looks to be a spy thriller with a soft espionage twist. Enjoy it on the rocks, or neat. It'll go down smooth no matter what.

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