Daredevil #30

Story by
Art by
Chris Samnee
Colors by
Javier Rodriguez
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

While the recap page flirts with a HIPAA violation regarding the condition of Foggy Nelson, "Daredevil" #30 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is a shining example of what a perfect comic book looks like. Capably assisted by letterer Joe Caramagna and colorist Javier Rodriguez, Waid and Samnee present the remarkable team-up of Silver Surfer and Daredevil.

Of course, this being the first time Daredevil and the Surfer have worked side-by-side, their initial encounter includes the requisite superhero fight and classic misunderstanding maneuver, but Waid is able to sell both of those timeless comic book staples as freshly concocted, especially when he uses the incredibly human Daredevil to serve as the voice of reason. Deceived by an alien that the Surfer tries to apprehend, Daredevil is propelled into a cosmic crossfire that relies more on his powers as attorney than his fighting fists. Waid gives readers a chance to understand the scenario as it presents itself to Matt Murdock and, in tandem with Samnee, helps readers understand just how similar these two classic Marvel hallmarks truly are. Only a writer of Waid's pedigree can humanize the Silver Surfer while elevating Daredevil to cosmic encounters -- yet still maintain suspense, action and even humor throughout "Daredevil" #30.

Now credited as a "storyteller," Samnee is just as responsible for the success of this issue as Waid. Rodriguez's over-the-top colors and realization of the radar sense add dimension to Samnee's brilliantly vivacious and expressive characters. Samnee also introduces readers to Ru'Ach the Achian, an alien who is on the run from the Surfer, but has the ability to baffle Galactus' former herald. Samnee's design is alien, yet familiar and even fun. As he attempts to win Matt Murdock's defense, he is poking around the attorney's office in a way that would certainly be more humorous on film than it is on paper, even though it is certainly chuckle-worthy in "Daredevil" #30.

With an almost inaudible utterance, courtesy of the masterful lettering of Joe Caramagna, Ru'Ach disrupts Daredevil's life just as the Surfer is about to permanently remove the Achian from Earth. It's yet another classic comic book move from classic comic book writer Mark Waid, who rounds out his "How-To" lesson with scenes of Daredevil riding the Surfer's board and Kirsten McDuffie trying to do the right thing. Samnee sees Waid's script, raises him eye-pleasing, animated artwork and "Daredevil" #30 offers up yet another example of what great comics should look like. There are no crossovers, no event tie-ins, just good creators creating great comics. If only this were weekly.

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