Daredevil #25

Story by
Art by
Chris Samnee
Colors by
Javier Rodriguez
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Daredevil" #25 from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee is a major fight issue that delivers an intriguing new character into the mix. Beautiful kinetic motion with fantastic structure and ideas make "Daredevil" #25 another great issue from one of the most satisfying creative teams on the book.

The opening sequence of this issue is phenomenally planned and executed, giving readers time to catch up on what's happening and push the hero forward. There's some clever science at play, as readers have come to expect from Waid, and it's then twisted with a brutal punch at the end. Right at the end of this section, Samnee gets page where he breaks up the different senses of Daredevil in an image that could have been pedestrian -- were it not for the smart gutter placements and Javier Rodriguez's perfect color choices. This page is a pop art Hornhead moment that stands out because it mixes art and character so well. It shows the depth of Daredevil through every person on the creative team.

The rest of the issue revolves around a new antagonist for Daredevil named Ikari. This character wears the yellow suit from the cover but with a few unique and beautiful design twists. This is high art Japanese death fashion, but functional for battle physically and on the psyche. Waid and Samnee have created a character that makes a bombastic entrance. If used correctly moving forward, Ikari could become someone of note in an already impressive rogues gallery.

Chris Samnee carries so much of this issue once the action starts, especially because it does not stop. His page layouts ensure every beat is covered even if it's just a tiny panel showing some SFX and eye reactions. Samnee isn't beholden to set planes or grids -- if a slope will help the action he puts some right in there. Considering this is a battle between red and yellow, Javier Rodriguez's role is important and he uses the colors to set the tone of the page and give these punching actors a lively stage on which to perform.

"Daredevil" #25 is one of those issues with more than a handful of moments that readers will want to discuss with someone afterward finishing the comic. Whether it's a line, an idea, a panel or a page, this issue impresses multiple times. Daredevil is slowly being worn down and this issue is just another king hit to send him onto the ropes. Whoever the big bad of Waid's run is, they're using the long game to bring Daredevil down, and this issue shows a major instance of it working.

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