Marvel Announces New Daredevil Creative Team

Marvel Comics today announced the new creative team for Daredevil. Announced on Marvel's Earth's Mightiest Show web series, the comic book series' new creative team will consist of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto.

The announcement was accompanied by teaser art that features an image of Daredevil's iconic mask on fire and a message that reads "Know Fear." The image also reveals that Zdarsky and Checchetto will take over the title starting next year, in February.

The end of writer Charles Soule's current run on Daredevil has been much-anticipated, as the final story Soule will pen will seemingly kill off the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, leaving Zdarsky and Checchetto with quite the narrative predicament.

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Earth's Mightiest Show takes the time to point out that this isn't a new phenomenon for the hero, as previous creative team changeovers have seen the character left in similarly dire straits. For example, Brian Michael Bendis' run ended with Daredevil in jail, while Mark Waid's finale stranded Daredevil in San Francisco and blew his secret identity.

Zdarsky and Checchetto's Daredevil will kick off in February after the conclusion of the Man Without Fear miniseries, penned by Jed MacKay and illustrated by Danilo Beyruth, which debuts in January.

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