Daredevil #20

Story by
Art by
Chris Samnee
Colors by
Javier Rodriguez
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Daredevil" #20 is yet another fine example of the awesomeness produced by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee starring Matt Murdock. The Eisner and Harvey Award winning title has delivered a score of great reads and the latest serves as a great demonstration of the potential of superhero comics.

Mark Waid is no stranger to comic book fans, and the work he delivers here is on par with the very best he brought to "Flash" and "Fantastic Four." Not only does Waid provide first-person insight throughout the primary adventure from the titular character, he also continues to develop the subplots and supporting cast that run parallel to the driving narrative. In doing so, Waid constructs "Daredevil" #20 in such a manner that the reader is given dramatic pauses as the action ramps up, building suspense throughout the issue and hitting the reader with a considerable surprise that blossoms to a full-out mystery. The surprise and the mystery are shown in such a manner that the reader is aware of what's happening, but Daredevil is not, all but eliciting the reader to shout out warnings to the Man Without Fear.

Samnee's art is filled with heavy shadows, playing to the mysterious threads within this story and emphasizing the situation Daredevil is in, but still remains very lively and emotional. The subtle smirk on Daredevil's face as he thinks he's figured out exactly what's going on with Coyote speaks volumes of the character's confidence and determination. As with Waid, Samnee brings some of the best work of his career to this title and "Daredevil" #20 could serve as a clinic for upcoming artists to gain guidance and insight.

"Daredevil" #20 is everything readers have come to expect from Mark Waid and Matt Murdock. Despite the bleak (and somewhat ridiculous) circumstances facing Daredevil, both Waid and Samnee are able to present a story that brims with hope and excitement. Truly that is a testament to the energy the creators bring to this title and the enthusiasm they have for Daredevil. Waid has masterfully reconstructed and rearranged Daredevil's entire world throughout the course of this series. In "Daredevil" #20, the writer and his aptly matched artist continue to build the world and contribute more depth and energy to Daredevil's collection of foes. I'm not a fan of Marvel's epidemic of double-shipping, but in this case, I do wish "Daredevil" #21 was a little closer to hitting the shelves.

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