Daredevil #115

Maybe I'm just a fan of more tradition superheroics, but this Lady Bullseye story arc on "Daredevil" has been my favorite from Brubaker in some time.

The revelations dispensed in this issue throw the entire events of the "Lady Bullseye" arc into a new light, though it doesn't feel like it fits entirely seamlessly with what we've already seen. The misdirection was a little too subtle, and the logic a little too convenient, so seeing the Hand's motives laid out before us doesn't offer quite the twist Brubaker might've hoped. That said, at the same time, it's a more interesting direction than the obvious one, so in that, at least, readers will find themselves rewarded.

Murdock's relationship with his Daredevil identity has always been more of a battle than most superheroes are forced to endure, so when The Hand offer him a way out, it's easy to understand why they thought he might take it. Brubaker does a great job of building Matt's anger with his actions, dialogue, and internal monologue all synching up nicely to build a picture of his mental state, and the potential for status quo change is just as tangible as it was when Bendis made the character assume the role of Kingpin, or place him in jail.

Brubaker's treatment of the supporting cast has made this arc specifically enjoyable. Seeing characters like the White Tiger and Tarantula return is particularly encouraging, as it suggests neither character will be allowed to languish forgotten on the fringes of continuity. While the conclusion could seemingly serve as a way to write Milla out of the series for good, it also seems a safe bet that she'll return at the most inconvenient moment for Matt.

Ultimately, the short, fast approach of the entire "Lady Bullseye" arc has proven a welcome change of pace for "Daredevil", and the plot threads left dangling promise that an exciting follow-up should be on the way in short order.

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