<i>Dare Detectives</i> coming to Archaia

Ben Caldwell (Wednesday Comics, All-Action Classics) has announced on his blog that the next volume of his creator-owned Dare Detectives series will be published by Archaia. The first volume, The Snowpea Plot, was published in two parts by Dark Horse in 2004 and 2006 and nominated for a Russ Manning Award. Archaia's also reprinting that story (presumably in one volume) in time for Christmas this year. No word yet on when the new story, The Kula Kola Caper, will be published. Caldwell is in the process of drawing it.

Dare Detectives follows the adventures of a reformed criminal named Maria Dare who's "assembled a team of misfits to crack the world's weirdest cases." In The Snowpea Plot, they take on the beautiful Madame Bleu, who's using pandas and abominable snowmen to steal chefs, radios and snowpeas in a plot to take over Chinatown. Caldwell promises that The Kula Kola Caper will be "all-new, all-kidnapping, all-kissing, all-tiki-zombie." Cannot wait. I love kissing and tiki-zombies.

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