Danny Trejo Teases Interest in Bringing Lobo to DC Films Universe

Actor Danny Trejo appears to have put his bid in to join DC Films' still-growing Justice League Universe.

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In a tweet (using art by John Gallagher), Trejo offered advice on how he sees Lobo handling the gig of hunting down Superman, indicating he just might be interested in lending his tougher-than-nails look and comedic touch to bringing the Main Man to life.

First rule of hunting, Super Dupe. Make the target come to you. @DCComics pic.twitter.com/CNyN2xEQkz

- Danny Trejo (@officialDannyT) January 19, 2016

While there is currently no official word on Lobo being a part of DC Films' plans, the character has long been targeted by Hollywood. Most recently, a film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was in the works, but plans for that movie were scrapped when Warner Bros. overhauled its approach to the DC heroes several years ago. Since then, Johnson has signed on to bring another DC character to film, having been cast as the villainous Black Adam in New Line and DC Films' "Shazam" feature.

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