Danny DeVito Recalls 'Horrifying' Monkey Attack on Batman Returns Set

Fans undoubtedly remember Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" for Michelle Pfeiffer's mesmerizing portrayal of Catwoman, Danny DeVito's disturbing take on the Penguin, or maybe the production design. However, DeVito remembers the 1992 film as when a spider monkey attacked his crotch.

"That was a horrifying experience," he said on this week's episode of "The Graham Norton Show," before he gleefully began his reenactment of the incident for the host and fellow guests.

The alleged culprit

His assailant was the Organ Grinder's monkey, which even rates its own wikia page (there's no mention of the crotch attack, though). Tasked with delivering a note from Batman to the Penguin, the little primate apparently had a message of its own for DeVito. In a run-through of the scene, the monkey brought the note to a trainer without incident. However, when the cameras rolled and a fully costumed DeVito stepped in, things went slightly awry.

"The monkey comes down, takes on look at me and leaps at my balls," DeVito recalls. "I swear to God, it was like horrifying. It was slow motion, baby. [...] Now, thank God I'm in this suit that is, like, full of all of this padding and shit. He grabbed a hold of ... right in here. He took a big, big mouthful, and everybody went crazy. Y'know, 'cut, cut, cut,' they run over, and the monkey is attached. The trainer comes over and is pulling the monkey off, and rips the monkey off of my leg. I did not feel a thing, thank God! Like, this far away? I probably wouldn't be telling this story right now."

Watch DeVito's retelling below.

(via Uproxx)

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