Dankasaurus Rex: 16 Hilarious Jurassic Park Memes

When it roared into theaters in the summer of 1993, no one was prepared for Jurassic Park. In the spirit of Spielberg’s other blockbusters like Jaws and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, it had action, humor, heart, and cutting edge special effects. Based on the bestselling book by acclaimed author Michael Crichton, it used the scientific foundation of the novel to give credence to the notion that dinosaurs could walk the Earth again.

Jurassic Park is more than just an intense ride through a carnivorous theme park; it’s an exploration of how far humans will go to achieve greatness, and that pushing the envelope of genetic engineering will have consequences. In some ways, watching the humans get their comeuppance at the hands of the dinosaurs is one of the most entertaining parts. Some humans you can’t help but like, and Jurassic Park and the subsequent movies in its franchise are populated by a colorful cast, including Sam Neill as Dr. Grant, Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler, Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm, Richard Attenborough as Crichton’s version of a “dark Walt Disney”, and Wayne Knight as the loathsome IT tech Nedry. Their dialogue and situations fuel some of the most memorable scenes in the film, and now some of the most memorable memes!


These days, a whole lot of Marvel alum are turning up in other popular franchise blockbusters. Chris Pratt rocketed to superstardom with his star role as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, continuing the momentum with his role in Jurassic World. Bryce Dallas Howard starred as Gwen Stacy in Spider Man 3 (introduced as a romantic foil for Mary Jane), and in Jurassic World she plays Claire, head of operations at the newly revamped theme park.

Ty Simpkins starred opposite Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3, affectionately referred to as “Iron Kid”, and is Claire’s nephew Gray who is excited to visit the park. In another villainous turn, Vincent D'onofrio is Hoskins, a warden in the park who wants to pull a Nedry with some more embryos. His turn as the Kingpin in the Netflix series Daredevil is an eccentric highlight.


When the credits roll on Jurassic Park, shrewd audience members may have caught a certain position among the key grips, gaffers, and second unit directors: dinosaur supervisor. Phil Tippett was responsible for supervising all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, at least the animatronic ones! Some of them, like the T-Rex, was over 12,000 pounds, and crew members had to be careful around it because one swoop of that 3,000 pound head and you’re getting hit by a small car.

Back in 2005, a paleontologist named Dr. Mary Schweitzer found red blood cells and some tissue in the fossilized bones of an actual T-Rex, which means that dinosaur cloning might be here sooner than we think, and Phil can get his job as Dinosaur Supervisor back.


Everyone remembers the stunning moment in Jurassic Park when Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm is getting patched up after a T-Rex took a bite out of his leg. He lay on his side like a boudoir model, shirt half unbuttoned, chest glistening in the soft lambency of the emergency lights.

The whole incident is reminiscent of when a certain young woman by the name of Rose Dewitt Bukater was drawn by a certain young steerage passenger, Jack Dawson, on the grandest ship that ever sailed, the Titanic. Rose wasn’t popular enough to get the Funko! Pop toy company to make her a figure all sprawled out and sexy, but Jeff got one just this year, ensuring that everyone can appreciate Dr. Malcolm in all his magnificence.


With the 2018 Olympic Winter Games underway, and the opening ceremony having occurred in Pyeongchang, we’ve already been treated to an amazing Olympic torch run. It traveled for 101 days by train, plane, car, zipline, Korean warship, and even in the hands of a robot. It was carried by dozens of athletes over thousands of miles, but never by Dr. Malcolm.

For an Olympic torch run in Jurassic Park, there’s a lot more to be worried about than the flame of the torch going out. Unfortunately for Dr. Malcolm, who tries to replicate Dr. Grant’s success with leading the T-Rex away by use of the flare, when he throws his flare in the bushes, the T-Rex doesn’t take the bait and continues chasing him instead.


From the minute Lloyd Nedry is introduced in Jurassic Park, he comes across like absolute garbage. Like the mounds of snack refuse piled high all over his work station, Nedry is always in everyone’s way, and even when you think you’ve cleaned up, there’s more signs of his presence. Though Hammond “spared no expense”, he only saw fit to hire one IT guy, and because the rest of the park staff think he’s worthless for anything but keeping the lights on, he uses their underestimation to his advantage.

His scuttling to the vending machine is just a ploy to sneak into the embryo storage facility, steal mostly violent predator eggs, and then conveniently hide them in the shaving cream can with the false bottom can commonly taken to smuggle booze into a ballpark.


The T-Rex from the first Jurassic Park (and subsequent sequels) is one of the most iconic creature villains in cinema history. From the moment its impressive animatronic eye dilated, to every time it let loose it’s bone-chilling roar, it left audiences thrilled but wanting more. The only thing terrifying about Barney, helium-voiced star of the popular kids television show Barney And Friends, is that his show ran for almost 20 years.

Capitalizing off the popular Snickers television ads where people are unnecessarily having a cow over trivial and inane stuff happening to them, this meme shows the exciting scene where Dr. Alan Grant uses a flair (or in this case, a Snickers bar) to lure the T-Rex away from the jeep containing Hammond’s niece and nephew.


It had been 15 years since an entry in the Jurassic Park franchise had been released when Jurassic World premiered, exploring the wonders of a Jurassic Park fully operational and open to the public. In a role similar to Muldoon’s in Jurassic Park, Chris Pratt played a game warden specifically designated to overseeing the raptors and studying their behavior.

The alpha to his pack, which consists of two males and a female, he has a particular bond with the beta, which he calls “Blue”. Of any other keeper in the park, he’s the one that has a special enough relationship with the raptors to not get immediately devoured when placed in their midst. Getting stuck in a raptor paddock could feel like having three children all demanding your attention at once, except thankfully not facing down the threat of cannibalism.

9 O RLY?

Some people believe the Earth is flat. Some people believe that dinosaurs and early humans once existed at the same time. You don’t have to be able to grow a T-Rex from some mosquito-wrapped blood and some frog DNA to know that dinosaurs walked the Earth over 65 million years ago, whereas humans have only been around for about 6 million years. Humans have been putting themselves and dinosaurs together in books, television shows, and movies for the last six decades.

This meme depicts a young, adorable child highly skeptical of the ridiculous notion that dinosaurs and humans could ever be around at the same time, citing the carnage and mayhem of Jurassic Park as a perfect example of the idiocy of the woman’s statement.


In order to get John Hammond’s vision of Jurassic Park off the ground, he needed to have a lawyer as part of the cohort that came to the island and made sure it was ready to receive visitors. He’s a part of the scene where the T-Rex goes after Dr. Alan Grant and the rest of the cars, except he’s in the vehicle with Hammond’s niece and nephew. He abandons them to flee to an outhouse where he’s later eaten because his movements caused attention. The fact that he gets eaten proves that no one is too good for death by T-Rex.

Donald Gennaro appeared as the same character in a parody in 2011, and was featured in the Weird Al parody song about Jurassic Park where a T-Rex eats him, then proceeds to wash him down with some tea and floss his teeth.


When adapting a film from a book, there’s obviously going to be some discrepancies. Michael Crichton developed Jurassic Park using a lot of actual science theory, the solid foundation of an education at Harvard focusing on biological anthropology. He published Jurassic Park in 1990, after already having been writing for 25 years. When Spielberg acquired the rights to the book and turned it into a film, he only used according to Crichton, about 10-20% of the content that was actually in the book.

The elements Spielberg did choose to use, were incredibly compelling, and what he added only served to take the action up a notch. Choosing to have the  velociraptors escape and cause havoc in the park created some of the most memorable scenes in the film.


When John Hammond drops in on Dr. Alan Grant and grad student Ellie Sattler out in the middle of their dig in Utah, he destroys their site but makes a rockstar entrance in a helicopter. They find him merrily making himself at home in their trailer, and helping himself to their fancy champagne. Why? Because he’s just made himself a dinosaur amusement park and wants their seal of approval as expert paleontologists.

Dr. Grant and Ellie ignore the fact that he’s just made their job obsolete because he’s made a T-Rex. And everyone loves giant, human eating predators. It’s at that moment that the paleontologists decide they’ll play his game and go to the island, not to approve it, but to shut the whole thing down.


John Hammond is what happens when Elon Musk decides to modify the tiny foam dinosaurs that grow when you drop them in water. A visionary with way too much money, his unlimited resources and innovative ideas means he can basically do whatever he wants, no matter how crazy or grandiose the concept. He hires a big game hunter from Africa to wrangle his dinosaurs, the top scientists in molecular biology to run his laboratories, and Newman from Seinfeld to head up his IT department.

When the electricity is shut off that runs along the fence to the paddocks, humans are open season and  the dinosaurs are now free to roam about the park unencumbered. Nedry is the only one that can get the system back online, but anyone that tries to get into his computer is met with miles of code that is useless.


In order for Nedry to complete his journey to the Dark Side and smuggle a bunch of dinosaur embryos off the island, he has to come up with a plan. He meets up with his contact in a small restaurant on the island, and while he’s stuffing his face with pie, Dodgson shows up looking every bit the G-man with his polo shirt, sunglasses, and straw hat. He shows Nedry the shaving cream can with the false bottom that he can use to hide the embryos.

Dodgson warns him to keep his voice down about their plans, but being Nedry, he obnoxiously starts shouting to the fellow restaurant patrons, who don’t give them so much as a second glance. This meme highlights the fact that to lovers of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, anything to do with The Force Awakens is a waste of time.


Black wearing, Chaos Theory loving Dr. Ian Malcolm had a lot to say about what went on at the Jurassic Park facilities even before the helicopter touched down. Even during the tour John Hammond gave his team of experts, Malcolm was more than willing to let people know his thoughts about the scientists’ use of cloning and genetic modification.

Malcolm accused Hammond and his team of playing God, and that they weren’t exercising the proper caution when dealing with something as unpredictable as biological organisms that lived 65 million years ago. The creators of a bacon hamburger with fried chicken pieces as paddies were similarly clueless. They were so caught up in loading whatever they could onto a burger that they didn’t stop to think if it would taste good.


When the biggest, baddest dinosaur since the T-Rex escapes confinement in Jurassic World, options are limited that don’t include maximum firepower. At 40 feet by 50 feet, the Indominus Rex is huge, and a hybrid of about seven other dinosaurs. It’s got all the power of a T-Rex and all the cunning of a velociraptor. Bred for bite, brawn, and speed, it’s an efficient killing machine that can only be tracked by those familiar with it. Enter Chris Pratt on his motorcycle, leading his pack of raptors into the jungle to stop it before it murders hundreds of visitors.

The moment he bursts through the brush, flanked by the raptors he’s raised since they were hatchlings to take down Indominus Rex, is right up there with some of the most iconic moments in the JP franchise, and certainly makes anything you ever thought cool null and void.


In the first Avengers movie, Loki was the villain to beat, with his god-like powers and standing army. To Tony Stark, the threats Loki made were hollow because they’ve got The Hulk and well, a Hulk is good at smashing armies. How would Hulk stand up to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park?

The T-Rex and Hulk are fairly evenly matched in size but Hulk has been known to take out tall buildings just by falling into them and well, the T-Rex has no arms to speak of. Also, the T-Rex may or may not be able to puncture Hulk’s skin, which means other than crashing into him, she wouldn’t be able to deliver enough damage. A better idea is Hulk riding a T-Rex into battle against Loki’s armies.

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