Inhumemes: 15 Inhumans Memes Way More Entertaining Than The Show


Memes. They make the world go round. They have so many uses such as making fun of people, making a snarky point, presenting facts for an argument, or just to be something funny. One can spend hours in front of their computer screen reading memes. That might not be the best way to spend your time, but knock yourself out. Recently Marvel released a new television series that was practically dead on arrival. You all know which show we’re talking about. Before ever seeing a single scene, fans had already made up their mind that this series itself was a walking meme.

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After the first photo of the cast members in full costume hit the web, it was clear something was wrong. This was a series that was supposed to originally be a feature film until it was downgraded to a television series that would premiere in IMAX. With the first two episodes hitting IMAX before television, the look of the sets and costumes should have been higher quality. Something we’re accustomed to seeing in a Marvel movie. Not something on par with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With everything that’s wrong with Marvel’s Inhumans, the memes are not one of them.

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Iron Fist
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Iron Fist

It’s no secret that fans were not pleased with the debut of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix. First, there was the disappointment (whether you agree with it or not, it was a thing) that the producers didn’t take a chance and make Danny Rand Asian or Asian-American. Then there was the poor PR attempts when the show was met with resistance. All of that controversy, however, pales in comparison to the mess that is Marvel’s Inhumans.

Say what you will about Iron Fist, like it or hate it, it was on par with the rest of Netflix’s Marvel properties in the production department. They didn’t squander a the budget of a major motion picture. According to this meme, Danny Rand gives the Inhumans two thumbs down. Here’s an idea: Move Inhumans to Netflix and maybe we’ll get the Royal Family we deserve.


Baron Zemo

If you turn Medusa’s image ever so slightly to the left or right, you can start to see the makings of a familiar comic book character. Add some vertical lines and a gold band across the top and you have it! Baron Zemo hidden within Medusa’s dress. How’s that for costume design? And people said the costumer designers for Inhumans had no creativity. Helmut Zemo has in fact already made an appearance within the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.

His comic book counterpart was recently seen as Captain America’s best friend during the events of “Secret Empire” thanks to the alternate history created by the cosmic cube Kobik. While it’s possible we might see Zemo in future MCU stories, it’s not likely. So for the time being, you’re going to have to settle for this faux easter egg.


And make it double. If we were ranking these memes, this would probably be near the top, if not the number one meme on the internet. Much funny. Very laugh. Jesse and Medusa have identical profiles, and the way it looks like Jesse is the one grasping Medusa’s shoulders is a nice touch. Our only hope is that this fuels further memes of Medusa either being Jesse or the two of them teaming up.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see more since Medusa has lost her hair to a dreaded pair of clippers. Honestly, how did she not fight her way out of that? All we need now is to pair up the rest of the Inhumans cast with other Pokemon characters. Maximus can be James. Get to work on the rest.


Take Us Seriously

For a franchise that was supposed to be cinematic quality, the producers of Inhumans sure did drop the ball. Even after all the criticism they received from the cast photo and then the first trailer -- which the director Roel Reine didn’t like either -- Jeph Loeb and company continued talking it up. They claimed we had to watch the pilot episode before jumping to conclusions.

If there is one thing fans do not have to do in order to judge a cinematic version of their beloved source material, it’s waiting to watch it. Especially when the costumes didn’t look much better than a high school production. Now that the pilot episode has aired, was the criticism necessary or did it make you forgive any of its shortcomings in the costume department?


Bad Memories

This meme requires a bit of knowledge of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched season six yet. Iwan Rheon, who plays Maximus on Inhumans, starred on Game of Thrones as one of the cruelest characters you have ever laid eyes on. His name was Ramsay Bolton and after multiple seasons of him tormenting various characters he met his fatal end by being devoured by his “pet” dogs.

It was such a satisfying form of poetic justice. This meme calls on that scene, and Iwan’s expression in the bottom left image is perfect for a reaction. Lockjaw is a frighteningly larger dog than the ones that ate Ramsay’s flesh from his bones, so it would be understandable if that was a trigger for him.



After only two episodes aired, it was already circulating that Marvel’s Inhumans had been canceled due to low numbers for their premiere. Nobody was too surprised, though, since no one had any faith in the show after the first cast photo was released. There was a lot going against the show.

However, if you happened to watch the first two episodes and enjoyed it or at least thought that you would give it a chance, rest assured that it hasn’t quite been canceled yet. The showrunner has already said that he has plans for future seasons. Maybe executives will feel competitive and improve the production of Inhumans after all the bad press it received. Or maybe it will be another one hit wonder like so many other shows that get lost in obscurity. That would be unfortunate because the Royal Family really does deserve to be part of the MCU.


Brotherly Love

Made you look! Nobody would ever fall for the setup of this meme, especially if you caught the pilot episode of Inhumans. Iwan’s and Anson Mount’s scenes together were a bit on the dry side. Though it could be a challenge to portray brotherly love when one character can’t talk. It is undeniable that the relationship between Thor and Loki is better than the familial relationship between Maximus and Black Bolt. Even as far as bickering siblings goes.

It is even better than most other brother relationships portrayed on-screen. Black Bolt and Maximus’s relationship isn’t too different than Loki and Thor in the sense that Black Bolt keeps forgiving Maximus for his transgressions. It’s possible that building Black Bolt a chamber where he can use his voice without decimating his surroundings is a pretty good olive branch.


That Bad

The costumes are bad even if you’re not comparing them to their comic counterparts. But are they as bad as the failed Justice League pilot? There’s something to be said about not giving Black Bolt his mask or emphasizing the white trim on his costume. There’s also an argument to be made about television and movie executives not being daring enough to use costumes closer to the comics than something so serious and grounded.

The costumes for Gorgon, Karnak, and even Maximus are not the worst thing our eyes have ever seen. They just seem to have dropped the ball with Black Bolt and Medusa. Two characters that fans were most excited to see on-screen. While the costumes are bad, we’re just not sure we agree with this meme.


Play Nice

A fan’s biggest dream is to see their favorite superhero, villain, or team on the big screen. One of those teams -- Cabal is much more suitable -- is the Illuminati. While an actual meme itself, the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe was a group formed by Iron Man to share information with other superhuman beings such as Professor Xavier, Namor, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Black Bolt and Reed Richards. There’s a few characters there that Marvel doesn’t have access to cinematically, and that breaks our hearts.

An Illuminati subplot would be glorious, especially with the infinity stones taking center stage. Each of the members of the Illuminati took possession of an infinity stone in order to keep them safe and out of malevolent hands. Marvel could throw Cap into the group, but it just wouldn’t feel right without Namor, Xavier/Beast, or Mr. Fantastic. Gotta work with what they have, though.


Stop Trying

There are those that just want the show to end. They want the TV series put out of its misery. Stop it from airing another episode. About as passionately as Regina George doesn’t want “fetch” to happen. Sidenote: it could and should totally happen. We have your back, Gretchen Wieners. There’s a plethora of things wrong with Marvel’s Inhumans.

For starters, It’s not the movie everyone had hoped for. That would have guaranteed Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family eventually meeting up with the Avengers. Black Bolt in a movie would make certain that we would see his powers used to their fullest extent. It’s not likely that we’ll see that in a television series. If we do see it on TV, It won’t be as majestic and world-shattering as it would be on the big screen.



The biggest complaint about the show is the costumes. Everyone hoped and hoped that they would look better once the show finally aired, and there was some hope because Medusa’s hair got better in the trailers as the premiere date grew closer. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the costumes. Black Bolt’s was missing his iconic mask and the trim was muted.

The producers were clearly going for a more grounded look, something that might be more realistic. We’re dealing with superhumans that live on the moon in a hierarchical society. Skip the pleasantries and go all out with them. So maybe, just maybe, if the Royal Family ate a snickers they would receive the energy they need to don costumes that are closer to their comic book counterparts.


Would this be too much to ask for? Have Barry Allen run back in time, knock the Marvel or Disney executives on the head when they decided to turn the Inhumans movie into a television series and get them to see the error in their ways? Sure, we’re mixing comic universe here but Quicksilver was buried with Sokovia. So Barry is the only hope we have.

Though his own little “Flashpoint” didn’t exactly work out for him. Maybe it would work out for us. We’ll never know until we try. Tony even looks determined to get the royal family over to the big screen in this meme. We just have to breathe for the time being. The show can only get better, right? Right? Why aren’t you answering?


So Convoluted

The Inhumans have been around since 1965 in the comic book world. They were mentioned even before that. Like any other race within the Marvel Universe, they have a bit of a history. Not all of it is necessary to know in order to watch the new series, but that’s not going to stop people from spewing every bit of knowledge they have on the genetically superior race to the less informed fans. And dropping such a hefty info dump one someone can be boring.

Not to mention the obligatory comparing and contrasting between the TV series and comics, costume inaccuracies, and why these aren’t the same thing as mutants. Then that leads into a whole other discussion about why the X-Men aren’t in the MCU. Face it, we’ve all come across someone with all this knowledge at our local comic book store. If you haven’t, then you’re this person.


Language Barrier

We’ve all heard those infamous words by a significant other. “We need to talk.” They’re painful the hear because we know that it’s never followed by “I want to go out for ice cream” or “You’ve just won a million dollars!” Needless to say, Medusa probably can’t ever say that to Black Bolt. Except the TV series is different since Anson Mount, Black Bolt, developed his own form of sign language for himself and his co-star Serinda Swan.

It’s a neat idea, but it doesn’t save him from those four dreaded words. Without their own language he could have staved off that conversation for a good amount of time. Then again she could just do all the talking. Sorry, Black Bolt, you have to fess up to your faults and face your wife.


Cheap Alternative

This meme preys on the misconceptions a lot of people have about the Inhumans. Or maybe it’s just making fun of the costumes. Jump into any comment section about Inhumans or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and you’ll see multiple people repeat the line that Inhumans are just a cheap knockoff of the X-Men. The Inhumans, in many different ways, are very much deserving of their own cinematic franchise, and they are not a ripoff of mutants.

Even though that might be what they seem like to the uninitiated. How does a publisher rip themselves off? But we digress. Everything about Marvel’s Inhumans feels rushed, from the acting to the costume design. They could have done infinitely better with the budget they had. And it is a little peculiar that it premiered just before Fox’s X-Men series, The Gifted. Coincidence? Maybe.

Which of these memes is the funniest to you? Let us know in the comments!

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