Daniel's "Detective Comics" Joins "Night of the Owls"

Today, DC Comics announced "Detective Comics" #9 written by Tony S. Daniel with art by Daniel and Sandru Florea will be a part of the massive "Night of the Owls" Bat-family crossover in May, despite earlier statements by Scott Snyder to the contrary. Revealed via the publisher's official blog, The Source, Bat-book editor Mike Marts teased the connection of "Detective Comics" #9 to the crossover.

"In 'Detective' #9, Batman finds himself in the unlikeliest of situations -- saving Arkham Asylum administrator Jeremiah Arkham from a mysterious Talon assailant," Marts told The Source. "What is the secret connection between the Court of Owls and Gotham City's oldest institution for the criminally insane?"

The news runs directly counter both to DC's May Batman solicitations -- which implied a continuation of Batman's encounter with Mr. Toxic -- and an interview with "Batman" writer Scott Snyder in January where the writer definitively stated "Detective Comics" would not be a part of "Night of the Owls."

"I was basically writing the 'Court of the Owls' story, and I realized that there was a point in the story where the attack on Gotham was such that the other members of the Bat Family would have to at least be addressed in 'Batman,'" Snyder told CBR. "This all begins in 'Batman' #9. What I did was ask the other writers if they wanted to use an element of the 'Court of the Owls' story in their books, without giving too much away. They were welcome to use it however they wanted, and if they didn't, that was totally fine, too. We didn't want to interrupt anybody's stories, so some books, like 'Detective,' are not going to be a part of the 'Night of the Owls' event because Tony is having so much fun with his story and we'd interrupt it. Same with 'Batwoman.'"

CBR recently delved into the "Night of the Owls" crossover with a full week of THE OWL SIGNAL interviews including "Batman" writer Scott Snyder, editor Mike Marts and many other Bat-family creators.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more "Night of the Owls" coverage.

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