Danielle Cage: Luke Cage And Jessica Jones' Daughter, Explained

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Although most Marvel heroes don't really age, a handful of Marvel characters over the years have become parents over the years. But while characters like Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch have lost their children, two grim street-level heroes have managed to keep their daughter safe despite multiple attempts on her life.

Now, CBR is looking at the history of Danielle Cage, the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones -- as well as her possible future.

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In the pages of Alias, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had a one night fling that resulted in a more committed relationship. But the couple really came together after Jessica was revealed to be pregnant. While Luke became a member of Captain America's New Avengers, Jessica worked with the Pulse, a superhero-oriented offshoot of the Daily Bugle until shortly she gave birth. Danielle was delivered by Doctor Strange in The Pulse #14 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, and her birth was quickly followed by the marriage of her parents.

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Named after her father's best friend Iron Fist, Danielle (or Dani for short) was quickly cared for by the Avengers. Squirrel Girl even briefly served as her in-house nanny, and the child still stands as one of the most difficult opponents the teen hero has ever contended with. She was cared for primarily at the Avengers base and was briefly kidnapped by a Skrull posing as Jarvis following the events of Secret Invasion, but she was eventually returned to her parents and has been raised by them ever since.


In the main Marvel Universe, Danielle is too young to have fully begun exhibiting her powers. Although, it's not hard to imagine what skills she'll develop later in her life. As the daughter of the unbreakable Luke Cage and the super strong Jessica Jones, it's likely that she'll grow up with some semblance of super strength and super durability. Her potential is so well known throughout the universe that in The Hunt for Wolverine, it's revealed that even just a piece of her DNA is considered a hot commodity on the black market.

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At one point however, it was questioned if she was even really the daughter of Luke Cage. In Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter, Dani suddenly turns purple. Given the Purple Man's longtime obsession with Jessica and frequent attempts to take control over Jessica, the heroes soon feared that Dani may actually be his daughter. However, this was eventually revealed to be a mind-game by the villain, and that the purple skin was only temporary.


A few comics have given some hints about Dani's potential, however. In Avengers: Ultron Forever by Al Ewing and Alan Davis, a version of Danielle from the year 20XX was brought into the distant future. Alongside the assorted time-displaced heroes, this Danielle had reached her 20's. In her world, Thanos eventually came to Earth and managed to wipe out half of the superheroes on the planet. The remaining heroes banded together under Black Widow, and became the A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S Initiative. The group managed to kill Thanos once and for all, and the survivors soon picked up the pieces.

By the time she joined the team and became their field commander, Danielle inherited a major superhero identity, separate from her father and mother. In this era, Danielle had become the newest person to become Captain America. The team has even interacted with the current Marvel continuity. They appeared in New Avengers traveling to the past to kill Wiccan before he could be corrupted by a cosmic villain. Cage also traveled to the modern Marvel Universe to capture the Golden Skull, a villain from her future, and worked with the U.S.Avengers.

During her time in the main the past, she mentioned that she had been to several alternate realities and that she found other versions of Danielle Cage who became Captain America in all of them. Only time will tell if that will happen again with Danielle in the main Marvel Universe.

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