Daniel Radcliffe's Horror Flick <i>The Woman In Black</i> Gets A Trailer

With the big-screen telling of the Harry Potter story now almost concluded, it is sink or swim time for the series' young stars. Daniel Radcliffe has been The Boy Who Lived for most of his career, and many eyes will be on him as he moves on to work in a film world that wasn't created by J.K. Rowling. His first post-Potter big-screen turn sounds like a good one: a Hammer Films-produced horror flick called The Woman in Black that was adapted from Susan Hill's 1983 novel.

Today brings our first look at the movie in the form of a brief teaser trailer. Thankfully it's more than just a logo and some creepy music, although you get both of those things as well. You also see Radcliffe rocking some pretty hefty sideburns and getting the crap scared out of him by a mysteriously appearing eye.

Oh, yeah, this is gonna be fun. Let's all take a moment to thank whatever higher power we worship that Hammer Films is back on the map.

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