Daniel Radcliffe Insists He Won't Play Wolverine... But Maybe He Should

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine

The hunt for the next cinematic Wolverine has been going on since 2017's Logan said goodbye to Hugh Jackman's version of the character. With Marvel Studios regaining the rights to key comics characters, the X-Men will be rebooted at some point in the future, though when isn't known at this time. Several actors have been rumored to be in the running to play the clawed Canuck, including Daniel Radcliffe, who made a joke about his casting earlier this year.

The Harry Potter star later had to clarify he was indeed joking, and explained why he wouldn't want the role. However, maybe he should. Radcliffe could make an incredible Wolverine.

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The Case For Radcliffe is Strong

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter

Radcliffe is most known for his role as Harry Potter, playing the character for ten years on the big screen. The actor can already handle massive franchises with big fan bases. However, he's also had successful roles in smaller, independent films. He's shown his wide range as an actor across a variety of genres in such movies as The Woman In Black, Horns, Equus and Swiss Army Man. These films give some idea of the acting chops Radcliffe could bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Wolverine.

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He also fits the role in a way Jackman didn't: height. One big point of contention with Jackman's portrayal was his size. At 6'2", the Australian actor was nearly a foot taller than Wolverine, who is around 5'3" in the comics. Jackman actually had to be shot at angles in Fox's X-Men movies to make him appear shorter than other characters to hide just how tall he was.

However, that's not the case for Radcliffe, who is 5'5", which is much closer to Wolverine's size. If cast, the psychological and behavioral aspects of Wolverine's shortness could be more accurately adapted, as opposed to having to resort to cheap camera tricks to create the desired effect. Radcliffe is also shorter compared to rumored front runner of Taron Egerton, making his casting a bit more apt in that aspect.

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The Case Against Him Isn't Great

One concern people might have is that Radcliffe's filmography doesn't have anything involving the specific demeanour and mannerisms one would expect of the normally gruff Wolverine. However, neither did Jackman. Prior to 2000's X-Men, Jackman had mostly been in musicals and other such roles, far from anything macho or action packed. Radcliffe and Jackman are both actors. Their jobs require them to take on roles that are often different than those they've had before and to do their best at them. Radcliffe's range shows he can adapt and play characters who are decidedly different.

Another point potentially working against Radcliffe is his youthful appearance. Wolverine is obviously far older than he looks, both in the comics and in the Fox movies. While Jackman never looked particularly old in the role (sans the intentionally weathered look in Logan), he did have the chronological look of a relatively middle aged man. When Jackman took on the role of Wolverine, he was around the same age Radcliffe is now. However, Jackman did look older. This might end up hurting some fans' suspension of disbelief, but, at the same time, the MCU does make changes to characters, and this isn't enough to counteract all the things Radcliffe could bring to the role. This is no more a serious issue than Jackman's height, which wasn't a problem for most people.

Radcliffe's fame may also end up working against him, as Harry Potter was definitely an iconic role, and some viewers might not be able to separate him from the role easily. However, a fantastic performance from Radcliffe -- which he's capable of -- could help bring a new interpretation of the character to the screen that then becomes his definitive role. Radcliffe may, in fact, be able to give fans a vision far closer to the character from the comics.

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