Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's 'Mr. Nile' infects San Diego

Official Press Release

Webcomics' very own mad scientist, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, is set to bringone of his favourite creations to print at Comic-Con International.

Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard is the first outing in print for Goodbrey's twisted metafictional anti-hero. Asked to describe Mr. Nile in a Nutshell,Goodbrey went without sleep for 48 hours and then typed:

"Mr. Nile is a self-aware comicbook character. He's also a bit of a bastard.Think Lex Luthor with the powers of Scott McCloud and you're halfway there."

So what can readers expect from Nile within the pages of The IllustratedBastard?

"For fans of surreal violence and general bastardry, there's plenty of that.But there's also a bit more depth to goings on than the title might at firstsuggest. Mr. Nile can't help but tinker with the workings of whatever mediumhe's exposed to. I think reader reaction to what Nile gets up to is going tobe very. lets just say 'interesting' and leave it at that."

Mr. Nile isn't the only one of Daniel's characters to be making the jump toprint. The popular Inanimate Monkey also makes an appearance in the book.

"Yeah, Inanimate Monkey is along for the ride" confirmed Goodbrey. "Howcould I not include everyone's favourite immobile three-armed plasticmonkey? There's this great bit where he doesn't move or talk at all forlike, a whole page. It's gripping stuff."

But just exactly where will San Diego attendees be able to sample thisgripping stuff for themselves?

"I'll be sharing a table with that other wonder of the modern webcomic age,John Barber. We'll be, John tells me, in Small Press Area One. That'ssomewhere in the center of the Con. All the way at the back, near the stairsto the mezzanine. I think. Or John thinks. I've barely slept for 48 hours.Certainty is a difficult thing for me at this point."

And for those poor unfortunates that can't make it to San Diego?

"I'm planning to sell the book from my website too. That's E-merl.com folks.Drop by to get more details on Mr. Nile and the other characters featured inthe book. Plus whole vodka bottles worth of extra webcomic strageness."

Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard is 32 pages in glorious black and whitewith no ads. The original webcomic series, The Mr. Nile Experiment andInanimate Monkey Adventures! can both be read for free at http://e-merl.com

Praise for Goodbrey's work

"Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a grand wizard of the weird and wonderful"


"Goodbrey makes stories that read and look like nightmares--the good,haunting kind that make you get out of bed to write them down, becausethey're so damn INTERESTING. I'm afraid he might not only be making comicsfor the new century, but for the one after that, as well,"



Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a webcomic creator, lecturer and occasional drunk.Born on Halloween to a family of antique dealers in Suffolk, England, ittook Daniel just 23 years to leave home and earn his masters degree in theDigital Practices of Hyperfiction. He currently lives near London, where helectures in various aspects of new media design and webcomic creation at theUniversity of Hertfordshire.

He maintains an archive of experimental webcomics at http://e-merl.com

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