Daniel Craig Doesn't 'Give a F---' Who Plays Bond Next

In a very candid interview with Time Out London, James Bond actor Daniel Craig revealed his thoughts on all things 007, from the bringing back the gadgets in the latest installment to working out for six months to get his clothes off. However, the best part of the interview definitely came from Craig sharing his thoughts on who should play Bond next.

"Look, I don't give a fuck. Good luck to them! All I care about is that if I stop doing these things we've left it in a good place and people pick it up and make it better," Craig said. "Make it better, that's all."

That said, Craig did offer one piece of advice for whoever slips on the suit next: "Don’t be shit! Go for it. Embrace it. Some clichéd line like that. But no, just make sure you’re great. You've got to push yourself as far as you can. It's worth it, it's James Bond."

The entire interview features similar, completely honest comments from Craig, including him admitting that he'd rather "slash [his] wrists" than do another Bond film right now. Not that he never would but just at this moment he doesn't want to even think about it. In fact, the actor simply longs for a vacation after playing the ironic character for a decade.

"I just want to switch my brain off," he told Time Out. "What usually happens is it's 6am on a Sunday and I'm bolt upright in bed thinking that I've got to go to work. It’s about switching that feeling off, turning the alarm off and going to sleep."

As for the "daunting" task of following up the highly successful "Skyfall" (which brought in over a billion dollars worldwide), Craig revealed there's "more of everything" in "Spectre," including gadgets.

"Everyone's been banging on to me about the gadgets," he said. "'Where are the gadgets?' Before it hasn't felt right, and it's not like we've made this one heavily into gadgets, but we've snuck a lot of stuff in."

Check out the full interview for much more and check out Craig's final outing as Bond in "Spectre" when it arrives in theaters November 6.

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