Daniel Clowes Celebrates Superman's Birthday in Unpublished Comic

Eisner Award-winner Daniel Clowes is celebrating Superman's birthday with the release of a previously unpublished comic strip. The comic appeared on Clowes' official Twitter account last Saturday, which was also the the creator's 57th birthday.

The strip finds Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen trying to cheer up a mopey Man of Steel on his birthday.

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Clowes previously worked with DC Comics on a cover that he created with The Simpson's Matt Groening for a collection of Bizzaro stories.

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The strip's release comes just in time for Superman's own birthday, April 18th. First debuting in Action Comics #1 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman is celebrating his 80th birthday this week with the release of Action Comics #1000. Action Comics #1000 celebrates of Superman's past, present and future with stories by former Marvel heavyweight Brian Michael Bendis and a number of DC's best writers and artists.

In the world of comics, Clowes is best-known for his work on independent graphic novels like his anthology series Eightball. Most of Clowes' comics work began as an Eightball story before being collected and published as graphic novels.

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