Danial Irizarri unleashes 'Renegade Sex Machine'

After making his comics debut in a back-up story in last year's Prophet #32, Puerto Rican artist Daniel Irizarri follows that up with his own rebellious creator-owned strip Renegade Sex Machine that he's releasing online for free.

Irizarri's story mixes the promise of Transmetropolitan and Blade Runner with the visual impact of Invincible's Cory Walker going through a Alphonse Mucha phase. This first 12-page installment, dubbed "Track 1" by Irizarri, is the first in a series the artist plans to release on a bimonthly schedule.

"Renegade Sex Machine is a DayGlo cyberpunk story starring a runaway sex android trying to be free in a world where robots in general are viewed as no more than appliances," Irizarri tells ROBOT 6. "Beyond that, it becomes a story about one’s purpose in life, love and defiance towards the powers that be. It’s a book about what it means to be alive, coated in layers of iridescent vertical city levels juxtaposed with over-the-top action and explosions."

After some previous attempts to publish it through traditional outlets, Irizarri turned online to get the word -- and the actual comic -- out for Renegade Sex Machine. It's a big gamble for an artist new to the industry, but the Internet gives him a chanceto strike it big if the stars align. Given the subject matter, it's very apropos.

Here's a three-page preview of Renegade Sex Machine's first installment, and you can see more at this link:

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