Dangling Spidey, boxed Batman and more

If it’s Saturday, it must be Shelf Porn, and today's collection comes from Troy Potter. Troy shows us his nicely displayed shelves of statues, trade paperbacks, toys and more.

If you’d like to submit your collection to Shelf Porn, scroll down to the end of the post to find out how. Now let’s hear from Troy ...


Well I should start off by saying my name is Troy, and I've been collecting books and toys and what-have-you, since around 2005. I've always loved comics before hand, I just didn't have the means of getting my hands on any till then. Damn farm towns. So I started a small collection of tpbs when I went off to college, and amassed more when I moved out with my gf, into the apartment we have now. I've seen others displays on here and I have nowhere near the amount of some, but I think I have them displayed pretty well for what I have. Anyway, my setup here is along my one wall in my living room and wraps around to another for my DVDs and such. My girlfriend is pretty cool about having it in there, and says it adds to the character of the room. I'm slowly converting her.

The first shot here is the whole book display.

The second and third shots are each side by themselves.

Galactus watches over my oversized books, and odds and ends.

My second shelf down holds my DC stuff. Some of my DC books are on loan to my brother, but I'm not really a DC guy anyway.

You'll see the bromances I have acquired on that shelf as well. Beetle and Booster & Nite Owl and Rorschach.

I really got into Vertigo. Probably my favorite imprint. And there are some titles that I still need to get that for whatever reason, haven't. Like Sandman, Hellblazer, Moore's Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and finishing Transmetropolitan and 100 Bullets.

I was Jesse Custer for Halloween one year and couldn't live with out his famous lighter.

My bottom shelf is with my Image, Dark Horse, and Wildstorm stuff. As well as some odds and ends. My brother also has the other books of my Chew collection.

We move over to the right side top where my Ultimate collection is. My first trade was actually Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 1.

Here, Spider-Man is literally holding on to Venom's hand. I don't know how he stays like that, but it's one of my favorite parts to my collection.

The next shelf down are Avengers books, and other Marvel titles.

The next shelf down from that are all the Marvel Event books starting from Avengers Disassembled till Siege. Guarded by a miniature Hall of Armor and the Megazord.

And the bottom shelf of the right side of the display are mini series and other books. And my brother's gf wanted to borrow Marvel Zombies. Hence lack of the rest of Marvel Zombies.

Then we jump to a little display I have on the top of a cabinet. My Dad got me some Batman Black & Whites this last year for Christmas. I told him, "Thanks Dad, now I'm going to go broke getting the other ones I want." He said, "You're welcome."

The last thing on my display are my DVDs and a few knick knacky toys. These are just my comic and heroic movies, that were taking up to much space other wise in our regular collection. And if my girlfriend can't get to her copy of Under the Tuscan Sun, watch out.

So, I hoped you liked my little guided tour, and thanks for taking time to look at my stuff.


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