Danger Girl Movie Has Found Its Screenwriter

Danger Girl

Constantin Film has reportedly hired Umair Aleem to write Danger Girl, the adaptation of the action-spy comic created by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell.

Aleem wrote the 2015 film Extraction, starring Kellan Lutz, Bruce Willis and Gina Carano, and he recently sold his action thriller Kate to Netflix.

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Debuting in 1996 from Image Comics’ Wildstorm imprint, Danger Girl follows the adventures of secret agents Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage and Sonya Savage as they travel around the world on covert missions against the evil Hammer Empire. Danger Girl has switched publishers a few times, initially moving from Image to DC Comics, before ending up at IDW Publishing. N-Space Inc. developed a video game based on the comic, released in 2000 for PlayStation. Constantin Film acquired the film and television rights to the property in November.

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Robert Kulzer of Constantin Film, Jeremy Bolt of Bolt Pictures and Adrian Askarieh of Prime Universe Films are set to produce the film, while Martin Moszkowicz of Constantin Film will executive produce alongside Campbell and Hartnell. There's no release date or casting information available for the planned film.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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