Dan Slott Leaving Amazing Spider-Man, Will Write Iron Man

Writer Dan Slott has officially announced that he is leaving Amazing Spider-Man. The writer will remain at Marvel Comics, however, where he will script an iron Man series.

In an interview with Vulture, Slott revealed that Amazing Spider-Man #801 will be the final issue of his decade-long run with the character before he tackles an unnamed Iron Man title starring Tony Stark.

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Marvel initially hinted at Slott's departure in December when the publisher began promoting Amazing's upcoming Red Goblin storyline. Though neither Slott nor Marvel would comment at the time, the solicitation text for Issue #797 stated, “Dan Slott has saved his most harrowing Spider-Man story for last.”

"This was a decision that was made way long ago," Slott confessed to Vulture. "I gotta feel like a jerk, because whenever someone would interview me, or whenever it would come up on panels, I would look out at people and say with a stern look that I was never leaving. Very much in the same way I was saying, “Peter Parker is never coming back. I killed him” [during The Superior Spider-Man]. I lied. I lied horribly. But that’s what us storytellers do, we spin lies."

In fact, Slott further reveals that he's known when his last Amazing Spider-Man issue was going to be for quite a while, now. Since 2014, to be exact.

"I kept having these benchmarks to hit," Slott explained. "And then I realized, once you hit ten years and then issue 800, the next benchmarks were way too far away. [Laughs] So I always knew that was the zone. Anyone who follows my Instagram account, every now and then I would post these cryptic numbers from my whiteboard. This running tally, of which, that tally starts in like, July 10th of 2014, where I knew what I was counting down to and no one else knew what I was counting down to. I wanted to lock that in so I could prove I wasn’t lying."

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"There was only one benchmark left that I could hit and it felt forever away, and that was more issues of any Spider-Man comic than anyone," Slott added. "That was the one benchmark that was very much dangling out of reach like Tantalus. The reason why was Brian Michael Bendis. He kept writing, so it was a moving benchmark, and I just assumed he was never leaving. If I had known, if I had only known that Brian was gonna jump to DC I would’ve stayed on. [Laughs] I bet you I would have stayed on."

Amazing Spider-Man #801, Dan Slott's final issue, arrives in June.

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