Slott Explains Kraven the Hunter's Absence in Amazing Spider-Man

After an impressive 10 years on the series, writer Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man has reached its final stretch, as he prepares to wrap up his tenure on the series with issue #801. However, in reflecting on the past decade in an interview with CBR, Slott elaborated on the absence one of the web-slinger's most notable foes: Kraven the Hunter.

"...I’ve been keenly aware of what characters I haven’t written," Slott explained to CBR. "I barely touched Kraven. Everyone has their head canon, and I was like, I’m not going anywhere near that character after the classic J.M. DeMatteis 'Last Hunt' story. To me, that’s where his story ends."

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"The only times I’ve really used [Kraven] have been in flashback, like in the Spidey/Torch miniseries that took place before 'Last Hunt,'" he continued. "Whenever people would need a Spidey villain to use in a book, I’d always offer up Kraven, because I knew I wasn’t using him. [Laughs] So, you’d see him show up all the time in books like Scarlet Spider and Venom."

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter, made his Marvel Comics debut in Amazing Spider-Man #15 in August 1964. A Russian immigrant, Kraven fled to the United States and became a big game hunter in an attempt to fulfill his lost sense nobility. This eventually put him at odds with Spider-Man, whom he saw as a trophy of sorts after hunting traditional game began to lose its luster.

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Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man started in 2008 with issue #546, when he was, at the time, part of a rotating team of writers on the series. Slott took over the series fully in 2010. Amazing Spider-Man #801, by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin, arrives this summer.

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