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Dan Slott and I Don’t Agree on Everything, but We Agree on This

by  in Comic News Comment
Dan Slott and I Don’t Agree on Everything, but We Agree on This

JM: So why does it seem to be the case? Why do you think “fun” is poison?

DS: I don’t know! ’Cause comics should be fun! They are fun! And I’m not talking about “bwah-ha-ha” fun. But if you’re buying a comic, I’ll bet you’re getting some element of fun out of it.  Otherwise, why are you doing it? You can read a cosmic book like Guardians of the Galaxy—a very cool book by the way—and to you, that’s fun.  Or some really sadistic stuff like Punisher from the MAX line, and if you’re enjoying it, for you, that’s fun. To me, comics should have that essential spark. No matter what we do—or how we do it—adventure, action, super heroes, kung fu, Kirby monsters, street level, thunder gods—we do it to entertain you. And entertainment is fun.

It hurts to link to MySpace, but I’ll do it anyway. For love!

I fear we’re preaching to the choir here, however. The comics internet audience tends to have working fun meters. Well, the people who read this blog, anyway. Well, the people who leave comments. Well, the people who leave comments that agree with my opinions. Tee-hee!

Cerebral comics can be fun. “Mature readers” comics can be fun. Comics about talking gorillas can be fun. Any comic can be fun– because “fun” means you enjoy it to a degree by which your level of personal happiness increases. So don’t give me any of this “fun = lame” stuff. Comics should be good. And fun comics should be awesome.

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