Slott's Amazing Spider-Man Departure is 'A Ways Off' Says Brevoort

Marvel's newest publishing initiative begins this week with the release of Marvel Legacy #1, which promises the return of classic characters and takes many titles like Amazing Spider-Man back to their original numbering.

Sometimes these initiatives bring with them new creative teams as the publisher looks to shake up the status quo, and Marvel is seeing a few such changes with Legacy. Executive Editor Tom Breevort reassured fans that writer Dan Slott, however, will continue to helm Amazing Spider-Man for the "long haul."

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"I think that depends on what you mean by the long haul -- some of them, such as Dan Slott on Amazing Spider-Man or Jason Aaron on Thor have already been on for a very long haul, and will continue to be," Breevort told Comicbook.com. "Others will cycle through when the storylines that they’ve set into motion come to their natural conclusion—both Dan and Jason, for example, will one day no longer be writing Amazing Spider-Man and Thor respectively, though that time is still a ways off. This is one of those questions to which every title has a slightly different answer, and even what the fans want varies depending on who you ask: you want your creators to stick around, but not for too long where they begin to get stale, etc."

Slott began his long-running tenure on Amazing Spider-Man in 2008 as one of the title's rotating group of writers back when it was published three times a month. He took over as the comic's solo writer in 2010 and has produced many highly-acclaimed story arcs, including Doctor Octopus' "heroic" turn in Superior Spider-Man and the multiversal crossover event Spider-Verse, along with tackling the controversial topic of clones in The Clone Conspiracy.

The Marvel Legacy initiative kicks off September 27 with Marvel Legacy #1, a 50-page one-shot from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic that promises to tell the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscore how “it’s all connected.”

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