Dan Jurgens Thinks Guy Gardner Needs His Own Series Again

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Writer Dan Jurgens is preparing to conclude his run on Green Lanterns, which focuses primarily on Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, but the DC veteran thinks another member of the Green Lantern Corps may be primed to star in his own title again: Guy Gardner.

"I can't understand why Guy Gardner doesn't have a series," Jurgens told ComicBook.com. "He should have a some kind of series, he's a great, fun character."

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Jurgens' hopes for the future of Green Lantern comics doesn't start and end with Guy, mind you, as he also expressed a desire to see stories told with other related characters. "Kilowog is a great, fun character to play around with," he said. "There are certainly some other very intriguing possibilities that are out there in the world of the Green Lantern Corps."

However, he said he particularly enjoyed writing Guy, and would like to see the character return more to his hot-headed, arrogant demeanor.

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Introduced in 1968 in DC's Green Lantern #59, Guy Gardner was revealed to be a second worthy successor to the dying Abin Sur. However, Hal Jordan was closer to the crash site, and was selected by the power ring over Guy, who eventually became a backup Green Lantern. A fan favorite, the brash Guy was featured prominently in Justice League and Justice League International, and starred in his own series from 1992 to 1996.

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