Dan DiDio Plans to 'Corrupt' DC's Silver Age Concepts in Sideways


DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio announced at Comic-Con International that he has big plans in store for Sideways, which include bringing on Grant Morrison as a co-writer for the Sideways Annual and introducing Silver Age concepts and characters that have been corrupted by the Dark Multiverse.

“I’m about to push Sideways into the Dark Multiverse,” DiDio revealed during the New Age of DC Heroes panel. “This book has lots of ties to Metal, so we slide into the Dark Multiverse…in Sideways we’re going to see the dark version of Superman characters. What’s the dark version of Porcupine Jimmy Olson or Lori Lemaris?”

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Alternate versions and doppelgangers of heroes which are villains have been a staple at both DC and Marvel for decades -- most famously embodied in DC’s Crime Syndicate from Earth 3 and their “Forever Evil” saga during the New 52.

Jimmy was turned into a human porcupine in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #65 back in 1962 after he rebuffed the affections of Miss Gzptlsnz. As for Lori Lemaris, she was Superman's mermaid ally whom he could talk to telepathically, first introduced by Bill Finger and Wayne Boring in Superman #129 in 1959.

DiDio also promised appearances by “Super Brain Lois Lane” and other Silver Age ideas that have been corrupted.

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