Dan DiDio Weighs In On Nightwing & The Deaths of Heroes In Crisis

Years ago, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio got himself into hot water after reports that he wanted to kill off Nightwing (and Superboy... and John Stewart... there may be a pattern here).

But earlier this summer, while speaking with CBR at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the longtime DC executive and writer demurred, assuring fans that he's turned a new leaf from those days. "That was a different Dan," he told us with a laugh.

Still, DC recently announced that Nightwing writer Ben Percy is leaving the title earlier than planned, to be replaced by veteran writer Scott Lobdell just as the title is set to tee up some major reveals in the DC Universe. While all parties have remained mum on what exactly led to the change, CBR's talk with DiDio may shed some light on the publisher's general approach to delivering earth-shattering stories, and whether killing off major characters is in the cards or not.

And to hear DiDio tell it, the plans the publisher has for Nightwing play right into the realignment coming from this week's Heroes In Crisis event from Tom King and Clay Mann. "We did an interview and a panel, and God bless Tom King for reminding me of my own statements," the Co-Publisher said. "He said, 'I take the word Crisis very seriously. I remember when Dan did an interview in 2007 and said you can't have the word Crisis and have a live Flash. You've got to kill a Flash every Crisis. I take those things to heart.' I didn't give him that thought.

"I do believe you need that visceral impact in a story," DiDio continued. "Heroes In Crisis is really going to be a book that I think will really reclassify and redefine what it takes to be a hero again in the DC Universe. This story is coming from an intensely personal place for Tom King, and I love that so much. You hear him talking about it, and you can feel the emotion inside him that's driving this storytelling and how personal it is. It's going to be fascinating to see fan reaction to this because it will be a very visceral book."

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