Dan Dare's Return

I have to say, it does my heart good to see a British guy like Richard Branson team up with a British guy like Garth Ennis to bring back a British icon like Dan Dare to comic books.

I think it will be great fun.

By the by, moves like this seem a BIT odd for Virgin, in that they seemed to spend so much of their initial comic book market on comics with an Indian tint, that I think they have run the risk of having that become the shorthand for the comic company itself, "Virgin? Oh, you mean the company that does all the Indian comic books," while that certainly is not what Virgin intended for their comic company to be.

I think they would have been well served to do stuff like this Dan Dare move (or the Nicolas Cage and son comic) at the BEGINNING, so folks would realize the diversity of the Virgin comic brand.

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