Dan Brown Adapting His Own Novel, <i>The Lost Symbol</i>

Dan Brown, author of Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, has already gone through the Hollywood ringer in his career. But he's taking the process a step further for the upcoming adaptation of his latest novel, The Lost Symbol.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Brown has been charged with handling the script for The Lost Symbol, marking the first screenwriting gig of his career. Brown is tackling the third installment of his Robert Langdon series following a draft written by Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight.

The Lost Symbol once again thrusts Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) into the thick of a high level conspiracy, this time putting the adventure-seeking historian on a collision course with the Freemasons in Washington, D.C. It's currently unknown whether or not Hanks will reprise the Langdon role, and while Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment is producing, Howard's involvement as the director is less than certain.

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