Damon Lindelof Offers <i>1952</i> Update

It turns out we all have Damon Lindelof to thank for getting Brad Bird involved in 1952. The secretive project hasn't yet been greenlit, but Lindelof says he's confident filming is going to get under way in mid-2013.

"We have to lock down some key casting elements and we have to make sure that the movie isn’t going to cost them (Disney) an arm and a leg," he told Collider. "I have confidence that we’ll be able to accomplish both those things and hopefully when we do we’ll be able to announce what this movie is."

He continued, "We’ve been given a tremendous amount of creative licensee by Disney, which is kind of surprising just because they’re Disney and they have a specific, corporate brand to maintain. But it’s been really wonderful working with them. Obviously Brad had Disney in his veins, even though he was fired back in his days as an animator, it’s good to be back in the old animation building knocking a story around."

Lindelof also explained how he originally got Bird on board the project. Apparently the two of them became close when Lindelof was working on Star Trek Into Darkness and Bird was working on Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol in Bad Robot headquarters, and Lindelof explained to Bird his idea with Jeff Jensen for 1952. Bird was intrigued and the next thing Lindelof knew, he had asked him to direct the film -- and Bird said yes.

"He and have now been co-writing the movie for the last four months and that’s been an incredible experience because anytime you write with a partner that you haven’t written with before they call bullshit on all your tricks that you have come to rely on and feel comfortable with, and then you learn from them in terms of how to think and how to evolve," Lindelof said.

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