Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird's <i>1952</i> Moves to <i>Tomorrowland</i>

Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird continue to befuddle with their ultra-mysterious project formerly known as 1952. Although we've known virtually nothing about the Disney film, that's begun to change with two new developments.

First off, Bird, who co-wrote the film with Lindelof based on an idea by Lindelof and one-time Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jensen, tweeted the above photo. The idea is that this box marked "1952," filled with film, the first Buck Rogers story from Amazing Stories and a few still unidentified objects, was found in the Disney archives; however, it was really put together by Lindelof to get people interested.

Now, the film has been renamed Tomorrowland, an interesting change that strengthens its ties to Disney. The original Tomorrowland attraction opened in 1955 in Disneyland, and eventually expanded to Walt Disney World. Like its creator Walt Disney, the theme land is known for looking to the future of technology and humanity.

Whatever Tomorrowland might be, it's the project that Bird favored over Star Wars: Episode VII. We also know George Clooney is intended to star, and that the film has a Dec. 19, 2014 release date. It's said to be a sci-fi actioner, so maybe it will take some cues from some of Disney's early designs.

(via Hero Complex)

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