Damn you, MacPherson!!

So, just when I was about to expand DC Comic cover snark this month to include a discussion of two horrible horrible horrible horrible statues that DC solicited this week, Don MacPherson had to alert me to a piece he wrote on those two statues at his neat site, Eye On Comics. You can read his piece here. Don also made a catch that, admittedly, I do not think I would have noticed, regarding the JSA cover solicited for July. Click on "read the rest" to see the creepiness (or click on the link to Don's column).

Here is the cover, by Alex Ross, featuring Citizen Steel.

Notice anything creepily unusual?

Look closer (as Don so ably does for us).

How freaking creepy is THAT?

My pal Jake said to me, "I think there are two equally creepy options - 1. Ross intentionally, on his own accord, drew a big bulge in the guy's pants or 2. The model Ross had for Citizen Steel had a big bulge, and Ross decided to paint it in."

Pretty darn creepy.

Thanks, Don, for the insights - and I hate you for preemptively beating me to the punch!!

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