Damian Lewis Joins <i>Homeland</i> In Lead Role

Add yet another impressive name to the list of actors joining the cast of Homeland, as Band of Brothers and Dreamcatcher star Damian Lewis has just signed on to play the male lead on the developing Showtime series.

According to Deadline, Lewis has landed the role of Sergeant Scott Brody, an American marine who returns home after spending eight years as a prisoner of war in Baghdad. Although he receives a hero's welcome and is embraced by his loving wife (Laura Fraser) and their two children, Brody isn't without his detractors; specifically, an intelligence agent named Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes) is suspicious of Brody, believing that the returned "war hero" might be secretly plotting an attack against the United States.

Make no mistake, Lewis' casting is a major victory for Homeland. The actor was the high point of an already brilliant cast in Band of Brothers, bringing depth and gravitas to the unenviable Captain Dick Winters, and his talents are undoubtedly going to good use as Brody, a character that sounds incredibly complex at least on paper. Lewis' return to the small screen on a regular basis -- as a series lead no less -- is a huge win for viewers everywhere, immediately turning Homeland into a must-watch series when it debuts next year.

In addition to Lewis, Blood Diamond actor David Harewood has joined the cast as David Estes, "the youngest Deputy Director of Intelligence in CIA history." Where Carrie Anderson finds support and encouragement in Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), she's faced with skepticism and rejection from Estes on a routine basis.

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