Dale Eaglesham and Matthew Smith join CrossGen

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TAMPA, FL., December 27, 2002 - The bags are packed and boxes filled as twonew faces make the move to Tampa, two old faces move to new titles and anold friend moves away. The end result will see some new changes on the artteams for THE PATH, SIGIL, and CRUX.

The changes include:

  • As of #13, Matthew Smith will be taking over as penciler ofTHE PATH as Bart Sears focuses on his role as Art Director full time.

  • As of #22, inker Roland Paris moves to CRUX as Rick Magyarmoves to new CrossGen title SOLUS.

  • The new art team for SIGIL will consist of new penciler DaleEaglesham, regular inker Andrew Hennessy, and regular colorist AndrewCrossley.

  • Finally SIGIL penciler Scot Eaton, who has been withCrossGen for two years, is leaving the palm trees and sunny beaches ofFlorida to pursue other opportunities.

Matthew Smith comes to CrossGen from Albany, New York where he last workedon Nightcrawler for Marvel. Before that, Smith penciled DC's Day ofJudgment, and short stories for Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Smith is delightedabout the opportunity of working on a book like THE PATH.

"I'm looking forward to drawing a book that is as complex and interesting asTHE PATH," Smith said. "The story and environment is one that no one toucheson in American comics. It's a mix of realistic and fantastic elements unlikeanything we've seen before. I've never felt very comfortable working withover-the-top super heroics, so to work on a book like THE PATH is a dreamcome true."

This change comes as THE PATH's regular penciler; Bart Sears leaves thetitle to assume his role of Art Director full time. As Art Director, Searsoversees production of CrossGen's 14 monthly titles as well as three newproducts from Code 6 Comics.

"The art directing duties at CrossGen have just kept growing," said Sears."Even with six assistant art directors, each specializing in their ownareas, the workload is very high. Matt Smith did a tremendous job on THEPATH #9, as a relief artist, and he was our only choice for taking over thepenciling work. He's already raising the bar to a new level."

Roland Paris, who started at CrossGen in June as a relief inker, is lookingforward to the challenge of inking Steve Epting's pencils on CRUX.

"It's good to be on a regular title after doing relief issues," said Paris."I really enjoy working on Steve's stuff. It's a different style than I amused to inking, so it has been quite a challenge to live up to what Rickdid, and uphold the artistic integrity of the book."

Current CRUX inker Rick Magyar will be moving on to SOLUS, CrossGen's newmonthly title, inking the pencils of comics legend George Pérez.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the work that Chuck [Dixon], Steve, Frank[D'Armata] and I have done for nearly two years and consider it the finestcollaboration I've been involved in," said Magyar. "But now, I find myselfvery pleased with the work I'm doing with Barbara [Kesel], George, and Larry[Molinar] on SOLUS. I anticipate excellent individual efforts from all of uson a book that is sure to sweep the reader off on a cosmic roller coasterride."

Current SIGIL penciler Scot Eaton is leaving the sunny Florida coast andmoving back to Vermont after spending the past two years at CrossGen.

"It's been a great two years. I value the friends I've made, some of whomwill be friends for life," said Eaton. "I wish CrossGen the best of luckwith all their future endeavors."

"I'm very sorry to see Scot go," said Sears. "He's a gentleman and anexcellent artist. He came into an unstable situation and made that book hisown. He's really created a vivid and believable universe, his design workalone is remarkable. Through his run on SIGIL, he has filled page after pageof powerful artwork that just reaches out and grabs you. He leaves a hugevoid that has not been easy to fill."

Stepping into the fold is penciler Dale Eaglesham, who comes to CrossGenfrom DC Comics where he has distinguished himself as a premier talentthrough his work on Green Lantern.

"It's very exciting to be joining such a quality organization," Eagleshamsaid. "CrossGen is setting new industry standards and I'm proud to be ableto be a part of it. This can only become a very stimulating and rewardingexperience. I look forward to it."

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