Dakuwaka Productions Finds New Artist for Helios And Announces Retailer Incentives

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Somerdale, NJ –Readers of the October issue of Previews, showcasing titles shipping in December, will find a few things new in the Dakuwaka Productions listings. A new artist for their flagship title, Helios, has been named and a retailer incentive is available for new title, Purity.

With the departure of Helios penciler Gabe Pena, who is off to pursue other comics opportunities, Andres Guinaldo has been chosen to handle pencils for the Helios series starting with Helios: Under the Gun #2 shipping in December.

"I was very impressed with Andres' work on the new Dakuwaka title Purity and thought he'd be a great fit for Helios," said Dakuwaka president, Mike Penny. "I know Helios fans will be impressed with his style. In addition to Purity and Helios, Andres has worked on Joe Lansdale's The Drive-In from Avatar and most recently Pistolfist from Alias."

The solicitation found in the October Previews will look like this:

Helios: Under the Gun #2

Written by Jason Rand

Pencils by Andres Guinaldo

Inks by Kwang-young Hyun

Cover by Guinaldo (P)/Juan Salcedo (C)

Jack's back, alive and…not well, but at least kicking. But with every member of the original NTF now AWOL, how will Strickland and his pawn, General Harlowe, react? And who will be caught in the crossfire?

32 pages, FC, $2.99

To order this issue, use Diamond order code: OCT063283.

Dakuwaka is making it more cost effective for retailers to try the first issue of its newest title, Purity, by offering a huge retailer incentive. For every 10 issues of Purity #1 ordered by retailers, their store will receive an additional 10 issues absolutely free.

"We realize that it's a tough market and retailers have many choices," said Penny. "We wanted to come up with something that would encourage retailers to order this exciting new supernatural, action thriller and benefit them monetarily for doing so. I think this incentive does just that."

This solicitation for the first issue of the new series will be featured in the October issue of Previews.

Purity #1 (Mature Readers)

Written by Shawn Lewis

Pencils by Andres Guinaldo

Inks by Juan Salcedo

Cover by Juan Salcedo

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse discover an element that will give each of them the power of God Himself, allowing them to not only bring about the end of the world, but to wage war on Heaven and Hell. Their threat is so great, that God and the Devil must set aside their differences and place the task of stopping the Horsemen with a man who believes in nothing; not God, the Devil...or even himself.

This issue: "ROME"

32 pages, B&W, $ 2.99

To order this first issue, use Diamond order code: OCT063284.

Retailers, be sure to use this special incentive order code to receive your free issues: OCT063285.

To learn more about Helios, Purity and Dakuwaka Productions, log onto: www.dakuwaka.com.

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