Dagwood Bumstead for president: Yes, he can (take a nap)

Dagwood Bumstead, the disowned heir to a locomotive fortune who's lucky if he can make it to work on time, has entered the race for the White House. Sure, he's a bit late, but what else would you expect?

His campaign kicked off in Thursday's installment of Blondie, the comic strip created in 1930 by Chic Young and now co-written by his son Dean. "Because everybody is having such conflicted opinions about the presidential candidates this year, we thought we'd have some fun in the comic strip and have Dagwood run for president," Dean Young said on the comic's website. "As we all know, the road to the White House can be very bumpy and, in his typical bumbling fashion, Dagwood takes a rather convoluted route."

With Election Day on Tuesday, Dagwood's run against President Obama and Mitt Romney will be a short one. But he's already found time to squeeze in a nap.



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