Dad helps infant son 'feel brave' with 'Baby Iron Man' costume

Little Collier has been hospitalized since his premature birth in July, but for Halloween his father Eric Hart wanted to give their family a sense of normalcy and his son something "that would help him feel brave." So, with the approval of the nurses, the professional prop maker modified a costume pattern he found online and transformed Collier into "Baby Iron Man," if only for a minute.

“I came up with Iron Man because he’s been hooked up to all those machines and wires," Hart tells Today.com, "and that’s similar to what Iron Man went through."

Although Hart's intention was to take photos of Collier to share with family and friends, the video posted online has led to him receiving messages from people around the world, some of whom can relate to his situation.

“It just resonates with them of being able to find a small moment of joy during months and months of physical and spiritual exhaustion,” he says.

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