Dad builds amazingly realistic 'Star Trek' playset for his son

While you could easily mistake the above image for a photo of the set of the original Star Trek television series, it's actually a shot of an impressively detailed custom playset. It was built by David Weiberg for his 8-year-old son based on actual plans for the Enterprise bridge.

"This project started when I found my old Star Trek TOS Playmates figures," Weisberg explains at Instructables. "I gave them to my eight year old son who had become a fan of the old show. He began building simple cardboard play pieces. Inspired by the clean wooden design of some of his other toys I set out to design and create a modular play set that he could use to assemble various rooms aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. I wanted a set that could break down and store easily."

Much of the construction was accomplished using wood, with the bridge displays created in Photoshop and then printed on glossy paper. You can see more images, and download the plans, at Instructables.

(via Make)

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